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Department of
Kinesiology & Health

Comprehensive School Health and Safety Links

Guide to Health Websites: This section of website-links provides K-16                                     HOME
      Section One:
               1. Teacher/Student classroom resources and lessons;
               2. Teaching models, Curriculum and Assessment, Effective teaching;
               3. Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity health information;
               4. Assisted technology resources
               5. Classroom technology information and applications; and
               6. Web quests including classroom applications.
      Section Two:
. Professional health information in Adult Health,
                   Bioterrorism Preparedness, Blood Borne Pathogens
                   Child and Adolescent Health, Human Sexuality
                  Mental Health, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Safety,
                   Tobacco, Alcohol, other Drugs
                   Violence and Urban Education
                2. Health Educational Resources
                3. Healthy People: 2010


School Health "Student Teaching" Assignments

Health Student Teaching Support Materials

Instructions for Secondary Level Health Assignments

Georgia QCC for Health

School Health Index           

Seven Components of a Health Lesson
School Health Index Assignment Student Interest Survey
Teaching Observation rubric for glimpse 1,2,3 Critical Thinking Development:A Stage Theory
Health Models Project Stages of Development (Grades 1-12)
Health Teaching Reflection Learning Styles         
Instructions for EGradebook "Thinkwave Educator" Bloom's Taxonomy
Scope and Sequence Five Models for Teaching Health
  Test Preparation


 Cardiovascular Health of Children

  "Health Ahead/Heart Smart K-6" Curriculum

Bogalusa Heart Study: Tulane Cardiovascular Center

Cardiovascular health promotion in children

Children's food consumption patterns over two decades

Racial differences related to BP levels in children

Health Ahead Heart Smart: Introduction

CVD Risk Factors and Adiposity of Overweight Children

Prevention of Heart Disease Begins in Childhood

Super Kids Super Fit

The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study

Gimme Five


Teaching Resources (K-12)

Free Educational Videos

Toll-Free Health Information Numbers, 2013

 National Health Observances 2013

Library of Health Lessons
Encyclopedia MedLine Plus

Safe and drug-free schools programs

Exemplary Health Lessons by Pre-service Students 
Infection Detection Conflict Resolution for Students
How to Take a Pulse Building Blocks for Parents of Preschoolers
Building Blocks for Healthy Children NIDA Goes To School (Alcohol and Drugs)
ZZZZZ How Much is Enough? Fun Activities for Disabled Children and Youth
Internet Projects Global School House
Teacher Talk Resources Kids:Eat By the Five Colors
Health Careers How the Body Works
Library of Congress Action for Healthy Kids
Media Smart Youth Curriculum EXCITE
Web-based Inquiry Science Education  
Ask a Scientist Basic CPR Bicycle Safety Bicycle / Helmet
Brainpop (Health) BodyWise for Girls Choking First Aid Class Activity (Nutrition)
Cool Science for Kids Eating Healthy Dental Health Clubhouse Experiments/activities
Fuel Expedition Games FDA Kids Home Page Fire Avenger Fire Safety for Kids
My Plate/Food Pyramid Resources My Pyramid for Kids Gang Dynamics Girl Power
Go Ask Alice Health Calculators PBS Kids Health lessons
Health Lesson Ideas Health Teacher:Lessons Healthy Teeth Activities Health Resources
Home Firearm Safety Taking a Pulse and Target Heart Rate Human Body Atlas Impairment Chart (alcohol)
Kidd Safety Kids Corner (EPA) Kids Health Kids Info. on Health
Leafy Greens McGruff Crime Dog Mind Over Matter Mold Terrarium
Neuroscience for Kids Nutrition Cafe My Pyramid Tracker Nutrition Color Book
Nutrition Resources Nutrition Links Pear Bear Stories Too Smart To Start
Proper flossing of teeth Proper tooth brushing Reading a Food Label Safety City
 Safety Elephant School Bus Safety Science-based Drug Ed. Sun and Skin
Teacher Forum Tween and Teen Health The Good Food Climb Tobacco Free Kids
"Wisdom Tooth" Your Cool Body Medical Genogram Kids Fun Online
Frog Dissection Drugs and Your Body Ask a Health Expert Risk Factor Family Tree


Starchild Safety Scavenger Hunt Global Environment
Measuring Lung Capacity Smoking Machine Muscular System School Bus Safety for Kids and Adults


Teaching Models

Instructional Design

Instructional Design Theory and Learning

Theoretical Introduction to Instructional Design Theory

Teaching Models

Five E's of Constructivism

Rationale Statement for Instructional Design Model

Overview: Teaching Models

Teaching with Models

Instruction Models Key


Project-based Models

Health Teaching Models Field-based Application

Student Teaching Health Models Project

Learning Strategies Matrix

Learning Theories


Teaching Models for School Health Education: First Assignment


Task Analysis Inquiry Apprenticeship Synectics Service Learning
Skinner's Theory Cognitive Construct Apprenticeship Model Synectics Design Service Learn Guide
Robert Gagne John Dewey's Theory Vygotsky's Theory Synectics Model Service Learn. Model
Task Analysis Model Rules of Inquiry Soc/Const Theory Synectics  Strategies S.L. Plan
Task Analysis PowerPoint Inquiry Model Zone/Prox. Dev. Making Analogies Service/Volunteering
Concept map   Soc/Learn.Theory Lesson Example S.L. PowerPoint
CPR checklist Inquiry Questions: Self-efficacy Model Synectics Model PowerPoint  
Task Analysis Lesson Example Web Quest Example Peer Tutoring Synectics Lesson Example  
Task Analysis Lesson Rubric Instructional Units Decision Model Synectics Lesson Rubric  
Teaching: Inquiry. model Apprenticeship Model Power Point    
Inquiry Model. PowerPoint Apprenticeship Lesson Example    
  Inquiry Model Webquest ex. First Aid Lesson Example    
  Web Quest Grading Rubric Pre/post First Aid assessment    
  Basketball Webquest Apprenticeship Lesson Rubric    
  Tennis WebQuest Teaching in the Zone    


Curriculum and Assessment : Health Education Presentation       Related assignment questions

Standards for School Health Curriculum

Developing Rubrics

Coordinating School Health Education

CDC Guidelines for School Health

School Health Index (k-12)

Developing Test Items

Bloom's Taxonomy for Behavioral Objectives Georgia QCC( Health/Physical Education)
Learning Styles

Teaching and Learning Activities

Sample Student Interest Survey Format

Scope and Sequence Assignment

NIH Curriculum Supplement Series

CDC School Health Education Resources

Developmental Characteristics

Teaching Strategies

School Health Index assessment activity

Mapping Health Instruction

School Health Curriculum


Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Teacher Observation Rubric

Teaching Elementary School Health Education

Seven Components of Health Lesson Plan

Kids Health Curriculum preK-12th grades

Student Interest Survey

Middle School Health Education Curriculum

Learning Center Rubric

Teenage Health Teaching Curriculum

Critical Analysis Rubric

Growing Healthy School Curriculum

Health Lesson Plan Peer Critique Rubric

NIH Curriculum Supplement Series

Health lesson plan grading sheet

The Great Body Shop Curriculum preK-6th grade

Cummulative Teaching Observation Rubric

Persuasion Techniques

Health Teaching Student Reflection

Behavior management in the classroom

Writing a Health Lesson Rubric

Principles of Teaching and Effective Communication

Webquest Grading Rubric

Effective Classroom Arrangements

Curriculum Analysis Tool(CAT)

I Messages and Effective Communication

Alcohol/Drug Curriculum  Assessment Tool

Goal Setting

Health Teaching Strategy Rubric

EdHelper(Health Lessons)

Five Models for Teaching Health


Styles of teaching and assessment


Effective Teaching

The 5 E's of Interactive Learning

 Standards for Effective Teaching

Effective Teaching for Distance Learning

Seven Principles of Effective Teaching

Collaborative Teamwork

Four aces of Effective Teaching

Principles of Effective Teaching

Styles of teaching and assessment

Stages of Discipline

Eleven Principles for Classroom Discipline

Interpersonal Conflict and Effective Communication

Handling Difficult Situations

Guidelines for Effective Praise

Early Warning signs of conflict crisis

Dodging the Power Struggle Trap

Five Guiding Principles for Teaching

Classroom Management


Gender, Culture, Ethnicity and Health


Gender, Culture, Ethnic Specific Health Information

Spanish Language Health Website

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

National Kidney Disease Education (Spanish  Information)

African Amer. Cooking American Indian Health
Best Practices Report Cancer Mortality Atlas
Cultural Competence Culture and Prevention
Diversity and Health Ethnic Cuisine
Ethnic Food Pyramids Ethnic/Regional Recipes
Alternative Medicine Guide Global Health
Health Disparities Health Disparity Collaborative
Hispanic Health Link Juventud Latina
Minority AIDS Council Minority HIV/AIDS Prg
South Asian Health Issues Womens' Health
Women's Health Exhibit Diabetes Information for Hispanic and Asian Populations
Indian Health Service Cultural/Ethnic Nutrition Materials
Heart Healthy Latino Recipes Food Pyramids from around the World
Asia & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) National Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention (NICOA)
National Native American AIDS Prevention Center (NNAAPC) Native American Nutrition and Health


Eliminating Health Disparities

National Healthcare Disparities Report

Health Disparities from Knowledge to Action

Health Disparity Research

Health Disparities Collaborative

Strategic Plan for Health Disparities Research

Eliminating Health Disparities in the United States

Health Disparities as discussed by the A.M.A.

Health Disparities as discussed by the Cancer Society


Urban Education

Hope for Urban Ed.

Inclusive Schools

Keeping Old Schools?

Lab for Urban Education

New Era in Urban Ed.

Urban Ed. Monographs

The Social Context of Learning

Urban Special Education


Assistive Technology School

Ga.Assistive Technology

Disability Rights Education

People with disabilities

Recreational Technology for Disabled

Let's Get Together Disability Advocacy

 HIPAA  Emergency  Decision Tool

Parent Teacher Conference Handouts

Assistive Technology Read and Respond Assignment

Learning Disabilities and Assistive Technology

Access America Alliance For Technology
Braille Board Cicero Text Reader
Control Pedal Disability Act
Disability Resources Equal Access To Info.
Hearing Disorders Information Technology
Powered Wheelchairs Special Needs
The I.E.P. Process Virtual Assist. Technology
Disability Resources Large Print Keyboard
Accessible Games Text to Voice
Kids Quest The Wheelchair Site
The Home Stair Lift Resource  

Classroom Technology

Copyright Fair Use Guidelines for Educators


ISTE/NETS Standards

ISTE Second Life for Educators

GA. Ed. Tech. Standards

Instructions for Electronic Grade Book Assignment

Heart Monitor/Pedometer Field-Based Assignment

Calculating Target Heart Rate

Promoting ClassroomTechnology Literacy

Milken Report on Impact of Technology

Technology Teacher In-services

Library Tutorial
Creating a Web Page with Front Page Editor
Storyboarding     Teaching with Technology
Creating Certificates and Awards
Using Weblogs in the Classroom
Impact of Technology Assignment
One Computer Classroom Assignment
Health Technology Infusion  Assignment
Health Website Rubric
Jeopardy Game Template
Designing a Technology based Learning Unit
Survey Maker
Playnormous: Health and Physical Activity
10 Technology Tips Web site Design
Integrating Technology E-Learning
Education Technology Evaluating Technology
Gauging Successful Tech. Integrating Tech Links
P.E. Tech Applications Technology and Learning
Technology Applications Technology in Classroom
Internet Skills Technology Resources
Methods of Persuasion Internet Basics for Kids
Electronic Pen Pals International Pen Pals
K-12 Technology  Guide for Educators
Homework Help Internet & the Classroom
Designing a Website Storyboarding Your Website
Technology in P.Ed. Technology and P.E.
PE Technology Newsletter Puzzle Maker
Webmasters Multiple Computer Design
GSU eTraining Log-It :Documenting Steps

Free Background Textures

The One Computer Classroom
Technology Rich Learning The Wired Classroom
Technology in Track and Field Free Health software
Health and Fitness Resources Design Elements
Internet in the Classroom Guide Example:Teacher's class site

Health Web Quests

Copyright Resources on the Internet

Permission Letter: Web Resources

1.Writing A Webquest      2. Template

Searching the Web for Resources

Links to Web Quest Activities

Spartanburg County School Web Quest Examples
Five Steps in Writing a WebQuest Univ. of Maine Web Quests
Disney Learning: What is a web quest? Ultimate Fitness and Health Plan

Elementary-level Web Quests

Middle-High School Web Quests

Make Up your Field Day Personal Trainer Finding Health Fitness Survey
T.E.A.M Exercising Clearing the Air (Smoking) Let's Chew The Fat Nutrition
Fifth Grade Field Day   Suny Game Ads. Project US. Health Care System
    Basketball WebQuest Communicable Disease
    Tennis WebQuest Drinking and Driving

Health Educational Resources

Comprehensive School Health Education

Coordinated School Health Education

School Health Education

School Health Guidelines

Curriculum Supplement Series K-12

NIH Child Health and Human Development

CDC Division of Adolescent School Health

CDC Online Journal for Preventing Chronic Disease

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Healthy People 2010

Enabling, Predisposing, and Reinforcing Factors

Alternative Medicine American Cancer Society
CDC Recommends Discover Health
Health ED. Resources Health Finder
Health Medical Library Human Anatomy Online
Human Body Atlas Human Body Tour 
Health Library National Heart/Lung Inst.
Profiles in Science Educators' Reference Desk
Teacher/St. Portfolio Health Lessons
Body Quest Genetics Research
Household Toxins Coordinated School H. E 
NIH Health Resources The Visible Human
CDC Health Ed. Database Calibration:Measuring to the Standard
Online Virtual Human Body  


Health 2010:Nutrition

2010 Objectives(wgt.)

School Breakfast Score Card

Healthy Eating Posters

Nutrient Database

Issue Paper on Atkins' Diet

American Cancer Eat Right Challenge

Milk Matters

Georgia Pediatric Nutrition Study

Body Mass Index (2yr+) Body Weight Chart
Diet Analysis Dietary Supplements
Eating Disorders Federal Obesity Guideline
Food Safety Color Book Calorie Chart
Mayo Clinic:Nutrition Micro      Macro Nutrients
Nutrition Guidelines ATHENA: Healthy Diet
Trans-fatty acid U.S.Dietary Guidelines
Trans-fatty acid data Ask the dietitian
Calcium Calculator Diet/Fitness Calculators
Weight Control Info Smart Mouth
Milk Matters for Kids Hydration Calculator
Obesity Nutrition and Achievement
New Food Guild Pyramid RDAs/Vitamins&Minerals
Childhood Obesity Healing Food Pyramid
Research/Dietary Supplements Five a Day for Kids
Quality,quanity, and frequency Digestive System



Health Impacts of  Sleep Disorders

9-12 Curriculum: Sleep, Sleep Disorder & Biological Rhythm 

Sleep disorder and adolescents

Star Sleeper

Sleep Test and Sleep Centers

Garfield's Star Sleeper Homepage

National Center for Sleep Disorder Research
Alcohol and Sleep Disorders Geriatric Sleep Disorders
Healthy Sleep Guide  

Child/Adolescent Health

Healthy People: 2010

2010 Objectives(immun.)

Virtual Children's Hospital

Action for Healthy Kids

Agency: Toxic Agents &Disease Registry

National Tap Water Quality Database
Girls' Guide to Taking Care of Her Body

Adolescent Health Asthma Management
Reduce Cancer Pain CDC Immunz. Progm.
Child Advocacy Org. Diabetes Dictionary
Childhood Diseases Childhood Immunizations
Choosing to Immunize Environmental Health
Fighting Disease Ga.req.immunizations
Growth Charts Health Pages for Kids
Health Risk Assessment Immunization Practices
Immunizations Kid Source
Diabetes Prevention Promoting Child Health
Sch.  Health:Adolescent Teen Health Centers
Bogalusa Heart Study Youth Risk Survey
Childhood Obesity Health&Achievement
Kids' Health St. Jude Child Health
Mumps Vaccine Pertussis Vaccine

Human Sexuality

Male Reproduction video

Female Reproduction video

Conception video

Fetal Development video

2020 Health Objectives (HIV)

2020 Health Objectives (STDS)

SIECUS Guidelines for Sexuality Education

CDC Guidelines for Sexual Health

A Guide to Community-School Health Advisory Councils

Guidelines for K-12 Sexuality Education

Sexuality Info. (SIECUS)

Sex and Gender in Human Health Course

Await and Find

Human Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities

Herpes Type 1 & 2 overview

All About Puberty CDC Risk Guidelines
Chlamydia Information Contraception Choices
Eight Types of Herpes Fetal Development
HIV School Guidelines Planned Parenthood
Pregnancy Reproductive Health
Sexuality Education STD Data Base Project
STD Prevention Teen Pregnancy
How to Avoid Teen Pregnancy Teen Sexual Health
Youth Ask About STDs Promising Practices Network
10 Questions /marriage  STD Images

Images of STDs

Fetal Embryo Development
Images/Fetal Development Barrier Types of Contraception

Female sterilization

Male sterilization
Hormonal contraception HIV groups and sub-groups

Mental Health/Cultural Competency

2010 Objectives (MH)

40 Developmental Assets

A Youth Development Strategy

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results on-line

Breathing/relaxation for stress
Full Body Deep Relaxation

Choosing a Clinician Crisis Intervention Guide
Drug Effects on the Brain Keirsey Personality Test
Making/Keeping Friends Mental Health Assoc.
Mental Health Research Motivation / Self-Concept
Myers Briggs Test Personality Types
Prevent Teen Suicide Psycho-social develop.
Resilient Youth Sleep Disorders
Suicide Awareness Suicide Information
Social Skills Risk:Protective Factors
Stress,depression,anxiety Stress Management
Student Self-Concept Youth and Depression
Youth resilience Youth Risk Behavior
Family Sculpture   

Physical Activity

2010 Objectives(Phy.act)

Physical Activity Guidelines for America

Current Patterns of Physical Activity in children

President Council on Physical Fitness


Water Requirements

Guide to Physical Activity and  YourHeart

NASA Fit Explorer

Free Power Point Presentations

Heat Index Charts (Temperature and Humidity)

Activities for getting kids outside to play

Lessons & Games

Content &  Resources

Adapted Physical Activity Brain Gym
Calorie Use Chart Disabilities and Inclusion
Exercise Calorie Burn Fitness/Benny Goodsport
Fitnessgram Game Kids
Games Kids Play Go Ask Alice
Heart Online Heart Rate/Activity
Importance of Exercise N.A.S.P.E.
Physical Activity/Health P.E. Central
P.E. Lessons PE Lesson/Activities
PE Tech. Applications PE Web Links
Physical Activity Links Physical Activity/Children
Project ACES Promoting Physical Act.
Shape Up America SuperKids
Physical. Ed. Lessons Fun Games
Calorie Burning Chart The President's Challenge
Physical Activity Stats PE National Standards
The Great Game List Run This Planet

Adult Health

Health 2010: Adult Health 
Confronting the Health Care Crisis
Auto-Immune Diseases
Alzheimer's Disease Ed/ Reference Center
High Blood Cholesterol Guidelines
CVD Risk Score Calculation
Genome Policy Database
Learning about Your Health Insurance Plan
Senior Health for Older Adults
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Pressure Sore Prevention and Care
Adult Immunizations Cholesterol Guidelines
Choosing a Doctor Doctor Finder
Health Information Home Medical Guide
Hospital Finder Human Genome Project
J. Hopkins Health Info. Live Healthier & Longer
The Human Genome Personal Health Guide
College Risk Behavior Health Calculators
Osteoarthritis Cancer Prevention/Control
National Cancer Data Gene Sequencing Project

Child and Adult Safety

Health 2010: Safety
Health Care at School Health and Safety
Safe Kids Preventing School Injury
Unintentional Injuries Mayo Clinic:First Aid
Poison Prevention     Victim Assessment
Anaphylaxis at School Healthy Bones for Kids
Preventing Child Abuse ASCIA anaphylaxis guide


Viral Paradoxes

HIV Diagnosis Acute Infection and Super-infection

Paradox One:The Fight Between HIV and the Human Immune System

Paradox Two:Overcoming the "Window" in HIV Antibody Testing

Paradox Three:Genetic Variability as an Obstacle to the Creation of a Vaccine

Paradox Four: Drug Resistance as a Deterrent to Viral Load Suppression by HAART

Paradox Five: Under-Representation of Women in HIV/AIDS Drug Clinical Trials

Paradox Six: Teen Perceived Invulnerability Challenges Traditional HIV/AIDS Education

Paradox Seven: Failure to Identify HIV/AIDS in Older Persons

Paradox Eight: Challenges for the Treatment of HIV Super-infection

Blood Borne Pathogens   HIV Replication video

Health 2010: HIV
HIV Guideline
How Your Immune System Works
Guidelines for Using Antiretroviral Agents to Treat HIV
Immune Deficiency Conditions
AIDS Live Online Help Line
HIV Types, Groups, and Subtypes,
Diagram of  Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Video on the Immune System
National Guidelines for HIV Treatment of Disease and Opportunistic Infections
Adolescent HIV AIDS Education AIDS/HIV  Resources All About AIDS
Antiretroviral Drugs for HIV Antiviral Drug Resistance Child Shots & HIV Univ. Precautions. at School
College students: HIV Hepatitis       Captain Bio HIV/ AIDS basics  HIV/AIDS Confidentiality
HIV/AIDS History HIV/Aids Treatment HIV and Adolescents HIV Drug Resistance
HIV Tests Immune Deficiency Genotypic Therapy Life Blood
School Protocol Prev./oppor.infections: HIV Tutorial Universal Precautions
Bug Borne Disease AIDS 101 Seminar Interagency HIV Study  AIDS Cohort Study
HIV/AIDS Prevention HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Info  AIDS INFO

Tobacco, Alcohol, Other Drugs

2020 Health Objectives (tobacco)

2020 Health Objectives (Alcohol and Drugs)

DUI State Laws Alcohol Risk Assessment
Reducing Risk Factor of Tobacco Use Prevention Research

"They Lied!"Drug Prevention video

Practical Prevention
Blood Brain Barrier Medicines for You
Scholastic Program: Heads up Decision Making Model
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Prevention Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction
Bidis Powerpoint presentation Five Action Strategies:Young People are Valued
Dangers of Smoking Power Point Young Teens Place for Info on Alcohol: Cool Spot
NIDA Drug Abuse Teaching Slide Presentations Rethink Drinking: NIH Website
Georgia DUI/DWI Laws  
Tobacco and Alcohol  Illicit Drugs Surveys, Agencies, Programs

Health risk from passive smoke

Anabolic Steroids 2010 National survey on Drug Use and Health

Bidi Cigarette: How Safe?

Impact of School Drug Policies CASA 2012 National Results of Teen Substance Use

College Drinking

Club Drugs Monitoring the Future Surveys
Dangers of Bidis Damage from Ecstasy National Survey on Drug Use and Health
Facts About Alcohol Dangers: Inhalant Use National Youth Tobacco Survey
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Immediate Effects of Tobacco on the Body National Families in Action
Nicotine Addiction Drug Policy Above The Influence
Tobacco Prevention Activities for Schools Inhalants National Institute of Drug Edcation
Tobacco Information NIDA:Steroids School Health Policies and Programs Study    
Youth and Alcohol 2012 School Health Index Assessment tool PRIDE USA
Quit Smoking Treatment for Addiction NIDA Drug Education
Ethnicity, Culture and Alcohol Science of Addiction Brain Power K-1
Effects of Marijuana Teen Oxycontin Abuse Brain Power 2-3
You Lose If You Drink and Drive Gender/Ethinicity & Drug Use High School Drug Slides
Smoking Prevention Classroom Lessons (K-12) Marijuana Too Smart to Start Program
Substance Abuse Theme Page Marijuana Research ATLAS Program
Tobacco Abuse Theme Page Tobacco Control 2013 D.A.R.E.
Tobacco Info/Prevention Source Decision Making Games to Improve Decision Skill Drug-Free America
Teaching Refusal skills Ten Top Refusal Skills to teach pre-teens and teens Council on Alcohol and Drugs
Refusal Skill Power Point    


Biological Incidents

Are You Ready? A Guide to Citizen Preparedness

Bioterrorism Fact Sheet

Bioterrorism Basics

Bioterrorism Preparedness

Bioterrorism Bibliographies and Resources

Bioterrorism Response Training

Helping Children Cope 

Helping Children Understand

Public Health Response

Reshaping school safety plans

Responding First to Bioterrorism

Radiation Event Medical Management

Homeland Security Advisory System

Preparing for the Unexpected


National Security Emergencies for Kids


Government Grant Listing

Georgia General Assembly

Contact Your Senator or Representative in Washington, D.C.

Health Education Advocate

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Clinical Instructor, Emerita
Department of Kinesiology and Health
Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia

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