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Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies offered by the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies (CLALS) of Georgia State University attests to the recipient's knowledge and understanding of Latin American culture, economy, history, and politics, as well as to his or her competence in one or more of the principal languages of the region. Its purpose is to give students a broad knowledge of Latin America that will help prepare them to work or study in Latin America or to work with individuals and groups of Latino or Latin American origin in the United States.

The Certificate is particularly well suited to students pursuing graduate degrees in Anthropology, Art History, Business, History, Modern Languages, Political Science, or Sociology, who have a concentration or a definite interest in Latin American issues or who want to expand their understanding of the region by taking related course work. It is also well suited to individuals who desire to enhance their marketability and skills in relation to a region whose economy and culture have become increasingly important to the United States in recent years. The Certificate may be earned alone or in conjunction with a graduate program in one of the academic departments of Georgia State University; courses included in an academic program may be used for credit toward a Certificate. The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is not required for acceptance into the Certificate program.

For more information on the Graduate Certificate, please contact Dr. Monica Diaz, coordinator of the program.