Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Expression in Bolivia

A lecture by Ronald Grebe and Raúl Novillo

Presented in the Troy Moore Library, 9th Floor GCB, Monday October 18th, 2010- 3:00p.m.


Ronald Grebe has a M.A. in social communication of the Free University of Berlin, was editor of the German Agency of the Press (dpa) in Hamburg, Germany, publisher of the Magazine "Chasqui" of the International Center for Advanced Studies of Communication for Latin America (CIESPAL) in Quito, Ecuador; Executive Secretary of Education Radiofónica de Bolivia (ERBOL), was correspondent of the news agency Inter Press Service (IPS) in Bolivia, Professor and Director of the Faculty of Social Communication of the Bolivian Catholic University in La Paz, First President of the Bolivian Association of Faculties of Social Communication (ABOCCS), Professor invited by FELAFACS at the School of Journalism at the National Autonomous University of Honduras in Tegucigalpa, Consultant to the development of the proposed establishment of the Observatory of Media in Honduras, was President of the Association of Journalists of La Paz and is currently consultant at the Institute Prisma, Publisher of biweekly "New Chronicle" and President of the National Association of Journalists in Bolivia.

Raúl Novillo-Alarcon President of the Bolivian National Association of Radio Broadcasters, Owner of Radio Digital Sur 95.7 FM in La Paz, Bolivia, Member of the Bolivian National Council of Journalistic Ethics. Former Under Secretary of Information. Three times General Manager of the National Television System in Bolivia. (Channel 7). Presidential appointment in charge of incorporating Bolivia in the Intelsat Satellite System. Former Presidential Press Advisor to five Bolivian Presidents. Former Voice of America Staff member, Latin American Division, Washington D.C. Anchor, Producer WorldNet TV Systems for Latin America. Former ABC, CBS and NBC Television Executive Producer and Anchor of LATIN TEMPO, A National Hispanic TV program aired in English on NBC. Former United States Information Service Staffer in Bolivia, and VOA Correspondent in Bolivia. Graduated from an acredited university in Washington State, currently living in Bolivia after residing 20 years in the United States. United States citizen.

Faculty contacts: Prof. Hector Fernandez L'Hoeste and Prof. Jennifer McCoy.