Representing Violence on Mexico's Northern Border: Film, Photography
and Performance

A lecture by Kirsten Nigro

Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Texas,
El Paso
Thursday, March 24 @ 2:00 pm, Troy Moore Library


This talk concerns the issue of  the "almost unspeakable" violence on
the border and how to represent it artistically. While Dr. Nigro's work
focuses on Mexican theatre, she is more convinced that theatre is not
the most suited medium for this representation (or at least the theatre
in Mexico that deals with it). The combination of performative rallys
and protests, installation art, along with photographs of dead or
missing victims has had a greater impact than any play has Given that
she lives next door to what has become the most violent city in the
world, Dr. Nigro is also struggling with the tension between the
conceptual and the very "real."