Using Democracy to Fight Neoliberalism in Latin America

Date:           Tuesday, February 26th
Time:           3:00pm - 4:00pm                
Location:     101 Classroom South
                  Corner of Decatur St & Central Avenue

Event Notes

This lecture will explore the results of the economic reforms and political processes in Latin America during the first part of 2006, including Bolivia, Honduras, and Chile, whose presidents Evo Morales, Manuel Zelaya, and Michelle Bachelet took office at the beginning of 2006.

It will focus on the cases of Honduras, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru, and analyze their electoral tendencies, emphasizing the following view: in which way—through their vote—can citizens influence the definition of a new economic model, or at least contribute to deeper economic reforms that may be more beneficial for the population?

Additional Event Notes

Ignacio Medina Núñez is the author and/or contributor in 15 books. He is visiting from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, where he has been a professor and researcher since 1978.