The Politics of Criticism: Beyond Latin American Cultural Studies

Date:       Friday, February 23, 2007
Time:       4:00 PM
Location: Troy Moore Library          
               General Classroom Building 939
               Georgia State University
               Corner of Decatur St & Park Place
              (2 Blocks from Five Points Marta Station)

Event Notes

Ana Del Sarto (Ph.D, Ohio State University) will present on the current relation between discursive genealogies, socio-historical conditions and the politics of criticism of Latin American cultures in the complex and multifarious debates among practitioners of Latin American cultural studies. Focusing on different ways of doing cultural studies, both in Latin America and here in the US academia, she will compare and contrast the practices of cultural criticism in America Latina, cultural studies in the Andes, postcolonialism and transnational and globalization studies in the US academia.

Additional Event Notes

Ana Del Sarto (Ph.D., Ohio State University) is Assistant Professor of Latin American literature and cultures in the department of Spanish and Portuguese at the Ohio State University. Her areas of specialization include Latin American Cultural Studies, Literary, Cultural and Critical Theories, Ethnic and Gender Studies, National Identities and Subject Formations, Comparative Studies of Lusophone and Hispanic Latin America, Globalization Studies, and Southern Cone Narratives.

Among her recent publications are Los estudios culturales latinoamericanos hacia el siglo XXI, co-edited with Alicia Ríos and Abril Trigo for a especial issue of Revista Iberoamericana and The Latin American Cultural Studies Reader, co-edited also with Alicia Ríos and Abril Trigo from Duke University Press. She has also published articles on Latin American discourses on criticism (literary criticism, cultural critique, cultural studies), on the interdisciplinary relations between the Humanities and the Social Sciences, on contemporary Latin American women narrative, and on Latin American cinema.

She is currently editing a book manuscript titled El goce de la paradoja: una genealogía de la crítica cultural chilena. And she is also working on another book-length project, Failures of Memory, Memories of Failure: Contemporary Latin American Women’s Narratives, in which she will analyze the cultural and political struggles for the control and uses of memory, particularly in relation to the enactment of gendered identities in the literatures of four Latin American countries, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, during the last quarter of the 20th century.