Presenting Dr. María Socorro Tabuenca Córdoba: "On the Feminicide at Ciudad Juárez"

Date & Time: Thursday October 16, 2003 at 5:00 PM  

Location: Troy Moore Library, General Classroom Building, 9th floor.Women Protesting in Mexico
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Description of Event

A lecture by Dr. María Socorro Tabuenca Córdoba, to be held October 16, 2003 at 5:00 PM at the Troy Moore Library, 9th floor, General Classroom Building.

Dr. María Socorro Tabuenca Córdoba, from the Colegio de la Frontera Norte, in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, will give a lecture titled "On the Feminicide at Ciudad Juárez." Admission is free.

Additional Event Notes

Throughout the 1990s, women have appeared brutally murdered in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and other nearby places around the Mexico-US border. The murders represent a chain of events largely ignored-until quite recently-by local authorities. Socorro Tabuenca will speak on these murders, detailing initial accounts of the events, its main characters, the reaction of authorities, and the current status of the investigation.

Guest's Biography:

Dr. María Socorro Tabuenca Córdoba is a researcher for the Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF) in Ciudad Juárez, for which she has also served as Director since 1995 and Northwest Dean since 1999. She sits on the editorial board for Revista Diálogo Cultural entre las Fronteras de México, an academic publication and is a fellow for the Smithsonian Institute's Rio Program. She is the author of various books and articles, and is at currently working on a new one with Debra Castillo called Border Shots: From Theory to Practice . Tabuenca received her Ph.D. in Latin American Literature in 1997 from Stony Brook University (SUNY), as well as B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Texas at El Paso. She was raised in Juárez and currently resides in El Paso, crossing the border daily to work in Mexico.

Dr. Tabuenca Córdoba's work includes:

Border Women: Writing from La Frontera
By Debra A. Castillo and María Socorro Tabuenca Córdoba
Published by the University of Minnesota Press

This volume is the first study to foreground writing by women who live at the U.S.-Mexico border.

It is a peculiar fact that U.S.-Mexico border theory is dominated by those who write about, not from, the border. By looking at the work of women writers from both sides of the border, Debra A. Castillo and María Socorro Tabuenca Córdoba open border studies to a truly transnational analysis while bringing questions of gender to the fore.

Border Women rethinks border theory by emphasizing women writers whose work—in Spanish, English, or a mixture of the two languages—calls into question accepted notions of border identities. These writers include those who are already well recognized internationally (Helena María Viramontes, Sheila and Sandra Ortiz Taylor, and María Novaro); those who have become part of the Chicano canon (Norma Cantú, Alicia Gaspar de Alba, and Demetria Martínez); along with some of the lesser-known, yet most exciting, women's voices from the Mexican border (Rosario Sanmiguel, Rosina Conde, and Regina Swain).