Fictions and Other Realities:

Liliana Porter y Ana Tiscornia



Date: 10/06/2005 - 11/11/2005
Time: Monday - Friday 10:00 - 5:00 pm +
          Saturday 12:00 - 4:00 pm
Location: Ernest G. Welch
                School of Art & Design Gallery,
                Georgia State University
                10 Peachtree Center Avenue
                Atlanta, GA 30303
                t 404. 651. 0489

Event Notes :

the Mystery of the Little Black Shoes

Slightly sinister, while strangely disarming, the plot that unfolds in "Black Shoes"(2005) is emblematic of recent work by Liliana Porter and Ana Tiscornia. As if viewed through the rotating lens of a surveillance camera, a childlike figurine in a red dress and black shoes is caught tiptoeing through a layered architectural site design, stepping over small newspaper 'stones' in her path. Four photographs track her furtive intrusion. Is she simply lost or a deliberate trespasser? Since the mid-1990s, the art of Argentinean Liliana Porter, who began as a printmaker and painter, has diverged into the photography and animation of small toys and figurines. When she convinces her subjects to become emotive characters, she places hem in minimalist contexts, solid color fields that play with the idea of studio portraits. Porter poses, photographs and films them, often introducing another figure, object or image to create dramatic incidents and surprising relationships. In her magical imagination, a duck might abruptly lose his head and a boy could fall in love with a painting. A poodle might gaze longingly into a mirror and a pig would know how to play the drum. She humanizes their pleasure and pathos. We become them and they us, in expressive conversations about love and loss, determination and failure.

From Uruguay, Ana Tiscornia has long worked as an artist, architect and writer. Despite conceptual ties to print media, her art is selective about the use of words, focusing largely on the sublingual. Tiscornia's surreal sculptural installations and inventive renderings ironically neutralize diverse social and political issues such as violence, homelessness, pollution and the glut of subversive media. She evokes the angst, loss and regret entangled in disturbing current events by means of poetic visual paradox, distilling global concerns into intimate experiences. To look closely at her work is to discover that a puffy cloud on the head of a hammer is, in fact, an exploding bomb. Her little birdhouse shelters the unsettling image of a guard tower in an internment camp. And her urban site plans reveal how real homeless people might shape a modicum of personal space.

Though the two New-York based artists have lived and worked side by side for 15 years, their collaboration is a novel experiment. In this exhibition, we juxtapose their individual oeuvres with recent work that fuses the artists' ideas and aesthetics, giving birth to a fresh conceptual language. The resulting narratives are both fictional and mysterious; the ambiguity of each situation they create together offers possibilities for fresh interpretations and uncovers unexpected conflicts. In these scenarios, the placement and scale of pictorial elements may result in a sequence of images that reinforces the sense of a story being told in a somewhat menacing atmosphere. On many levels, the curious new work of Liliana Porter and Ana Tiscornia mirrors uncertainties in the world outside the gallery describing a contemporary culture where we no longer trust, yet still want to believe in the innocence of the girl in black shoes.

-Cathy Byrd, Curator, August 2005

Additional Event Notes

Thursday, Oct 6
Artists' Dialogue, 1 pm
Atlanta Celebrates Photography Event
Speaker's Auditorium GSU Student Center

Opening Reception, 5 - 8 pm
Welch School Gallery
+ VANA 2005 College Night Art Hop
+ Turner First Thursdays ArtWalk

Thursday, Nov 3
Evening Hours, 6-8 pm
+ Turner First Thursdays ArtWalk

Free parking for evening events:
United Way building, Auburn Ave
enter via Peachtree Center Ave or Courtland Ave