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          The transcriptions of Dickinson's poems included here are based on the facsimiles of her manuscripts reproduced in The Manuscript Books of Emily Dickinson (1981), edited by Ralph W. Franklin. In our transcriptions, which may be considered limited diplomatic transcriptions, we have adhered to Dickinson's line breaks, stanza breaks, and punctuation. We have not been able to represent Dickinson's variant word choices in their true positon on the manuscript page; variants appear here below the body of the poem proper. We hope to find a better way of representing the position of her variant word choices in the future. Though the transcriptions are our own, the poem titles are those of the standard published editons. We hope this makes it easier for users of the site to find the poems in other scholarly material.

          We have selected poems almost certainly composed by Dickinson in the Civil War years and which relate to our theme of wounding. For a more complete discussion of Dickinsonís poetry during this time, see Shira Woloskyís Emily Dickinson: A Voice of War.