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Samuel Bowles

Are you willing? I am so far from Land - To offer you the cup - it might some Sabbath come my turn - Of wine how solemn - full!

Letter from Dickinson to Samuel Bowles, about January 11, 1862

from The Letters of Emily Dickinson by Thomas H. Johnson
       (1826 - 1878) Samuel Bowles was the son of the founder of the Springfield Daily Republican, and succeeded his father as editor in 1851. During his lifetime this family paper became one of the most influential in the country, and an organ of liberal Republicanism. A man of wide interests and exhaustless energy, Bowles traveled extensively. His letters were published in the Republican, and many of his observations were later collected in books. Greatly admired by all the Dickinsons, with whom he and his family were on intimate terms, he was especially esteemed by Emily. Throughout her lifetime, after 1858, she was steadily in correspondence with him and his wife Mary. She often sent them copies of her poems, and there still survive some fifty letters which she wrote them.