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Completed Dissertations

Eric Dewberry. "Jake Wells and the Development of Early Southern Cinema, 1895-1925." 2011

Kimberly Huff. "Rhetorical Failures, (A)Social Heroes: The Traversal of the Fantasy and the Ethics of Resistance." 2011

Stacy Rusnak. "Mexican Cinema in a Global Age: The Films of Guillermo Del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, and Alejandro González Iñárritu." 2010

RuAnn Keith. "Constructing Professionalism: Reifying the Historical Inevitability of Commercialization in Mass Media Communication." 2008

Bryce McNeil. "Building Subcultural Community Online and Off: An Ethnographic Analysis of the CBLocals Music Scene." 2008

Harper Cossar. "Snakes and Funerals: Aesthetics and American Widescreen Films." 2007

Jae Ryu. "Reality and Effect: A Cultural History of Visual Effects." 2007

Laszlo Strausz. "Traveling through Space: Stylistic Progression and Camera Movement." 2007

Keith Tims. "Masks and Sartre's Imaginary: Masked Performance and the Imaging Consciousness." 2007

Susan MacFarlane Alvarez. "Imaging and the National Imagining: Theorizing Visual Sovereignty in Trinidad and Tobago Moving Image Media through Analysis of Television Advertising." 2006


Susan MacFarlane-Alvarez is Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Clayton State University. Laszlo Strausz has been Visiting Assistant Professor at Bucknell University, a Fellow at University College London, and is currently at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Harper Cossar is currently lecturing at Georgia Gwinnett College. Keith Tims teaches theater in the department of Communication at GSU while pursuing an active career in the Atlanta theater scene.

Ruann Keith is Chair of the Humanities Department at Otero Junior College in Colorado. Jae Ryu is Professor of Film at Hallym University, South Korea. Bryce McNeil works full time as an administrator in the College of Arts and Sciences at GSU. Stacy Rusnak is Assistant Professor of Film Studies at Georgia Gwinnett College.

Dissertations in Progress

Drew Ayers. “Vernacular Posthumanism: Visual Culture and Material Imagination.”

Michele Prettyman Beverly.  “Close Encounters: Intensity and Embodiment in Post-Black Film and Visual Culture.”

Kristopher L. Cannon. “Oblique Optics: Vision’s of Otherness and the Image’s Queer Children.”

Curt Hersey. “Nothing but the Truthiness: The Decline of Journalistic Objectivity and Rise of News Parody.”

Darcey West Morris. "The Rise and Fall of Network Branding: A Case Study of Time Warner."

Karen Petruska. “The Critical Eye: Re-Viewing 1970s Television”

Steven Pustay. “Death in the Digital Age.”

Danielle E. Williams. “Assimilationist Prevalence in a Neo-Racial Age:  An Analysis of Tyra Banks, Tyler Perry and Shonda Rhimes.”