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Moving Image Studies

The M.A. track in Moving Image Studies is a program in the history, theory, and criticism of the moving-image media (cinema, television, digital media). A two-year course of study culminates in the writing of a traditional research thesis. The M.A. in Moving Image Studies is designed not only for students wishing to go on to pursue the doctorate, but also for those wishing to have advanced degree credentials in film, television, and media studies.

In their coursework, students study film theory, the history of moving-image forms, genre and author studies, close textual analysis, television studies, new media, reception, and the media industries. Students may supplement this coursework with a limited number of courses taken outside the department (in English, for example), especially if the courses are directly related to their thesis research.

By the beginning of the second year (and ideally, at the end of the first year), all studies students are expected to have identified the three faculty members who will comprise their thesis committee. These committee members will guide the student as he or she completes coursework and prepares the prospectus for the thesis project. Once the prospectus is successfully defended to the committee, the student registers for thesis hours and completes the thesis.

Click the link on the right for a detailed summary of requirements for the MA degree. This information is also contained in the M.A. Handbook. For information about applying to the M.A. program in screenwriting, click the Application link on the left.