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Ph.D. Requirements

1. 47 hours of graduate coursework in communication and allied fields:

  1. 4 hours of Doctoral Proseminar (COMM 8111) and 1 hour of Doctoral Writing Proseminar (COMM 8112). Please note: the Prospectus Writing Proseminar does not fulfill the Doctoral Writing Proseminar requirement.
  2. 3 hours of Communication Pedagogy (COMM 8035). 
  3. 27-30 additional hours in communication courses in an area of emphasis (Public Communication and Moving Image Studies courses can be in allied disciplines) 
  4. 9-12 additional hours in research tools courses.

2. At least 21 hours of Dissertation Research (COMM 9999). The typical full-time student can complete these hours in two to three semesters.

3. Written comprehensive examination with successful oral defense.

4. A successful prospectus defense.

5. A dissertation with successful oral defense.

Other Important Coursework Requirements

No more than 16 hours of course work outside the Department of Communication may be counted toward fulfilling a student’s minimum course work requirements, but students are encouraged to take more than the minimum number of courses

No more than six credits (two courses maximum) of independent study may be counted toward fulfilling a student’s coursework requirements.

Only courses numbered 6000 and above may be counted toward fulfilling a student’s coursework requirements. Ph.D. students are expected to take almost all of their courses at the 8000–level.

Some students may be required by the department to complete preparatory courses (which may include courses numbered below 6000) as a condition of admittance into the Ph.D. program. These courses cannot be counted toward fulfilling a student’s 68-hour coursework requirement.

A grade of “B” or better in all required coursework.