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Completed Dissertations

T. Randahl Morris. “Reconsidering Testimonials Forms and Social Justice: A Study of Official and Unofficial Testimony in Chile” 2012

James R. Schiffman. “Cultural Narratives as Discursive Struggles: An analysis of the CCTV and NBC presentations of the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games.” 2012

Matt Duffy.  "Unnamed Sources:  A Longitudinal Review of the Practice and its Merits."  2010

Melissa Plew.  "Facebook Friendships Between College / University Instructors and Students:  Deciding Whether or not to Allow Students as Friends, Communicating With Students, and the Individual Differences that Influence Instructors' Impression Management on Facebook."  2010

Qing Tian.  "Self-Presentation and Social Interaction on Blogs:  A Structural Equation Modeling of the Uses and Gratifications of Blogging."  2009

Raiz A. Renkoff-Toohey.  "Wired Valentines and Webs of Love:  An Examination of People's Attitudes and Their Intentions to Use the Net to Form Romantic Relationship."  2007

Nahed M. Eltantawy.  "U.S. Newspaper Representation of Muslim and Arab Women Post 9/11"  2007

Woongjae Ryoo.  "The South Korean Mediascape:  State, Civil, Society, and the Implications of Regional Political Economy for Cultural Transformation."  2006

Jiali Ye.  "Maintaining Friendships Formed Online:  Analyzing the Role of Relational Experiences, the Medium, and Culture."  2006

Amal Ibrahim.  "Automatic Activation of Ethnic Stereotypes:  The Role of News Exemplars' Ethnic Cues in Perception of Social Issues."  2005

Ghalib Ali Shatnawi.  "Jordanian Civil Society and Democratic Consolidation:  An Analysis of Media Coverage From 2000-2004."  2004


Dissertations in Progress