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Completed Dissertations

Richard A. Herder. “Strategies of Narrative Disclosure in the Rhetoric of Anti-Corporate Campaigns.” 2012

Farooq Adamu Kperogi.  "Webs of Resistance:  The Citizen Online Journalism of the Nigerian Diaspora."  2011

Sabrina Freeney.  "Framing Collective Action in the African Diaspora."  2010

Jared Johnson.  "Strategic Positioning:  Unesco's use of Argumentation to Encourage a US Return to Membership."  2010

Josh Ritter.  "Recovering Hyperbole:  Re-Imagining the Limits of Rhetoric in an Age of Excess."  2010

Chara Van Horn.  "The Paranoid Style in an Age of Suspicion:  Conspiracy Thinking and Official Rhetoric in Contemporary America."  2010

Elani Shefrin.  "Re-Mediating the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:  The Use of Peace Building Films to Facilitate Dialogue Interventions."  2007

Joe Valenzano.  "Freedom and Terror:  An Analysis of President George W. Bush's Use of Ideographs in His Calls for War."  2006

Jason Edwards.  "Presidential Foreign Policy Rhetoric in the Age of Globalization:  Bill Clinton's Rhetorical Vocabulary."  2006

Rasha Ramzy.  "Communicating Cosmopolitanism:  An Analysis of the Rhetoric of Jimmy Carter, Vaclav Havel, and Edward Said."  2006

Michael Hester.  "America's #1 Fan and the Secular Faith:  A Rhetorical Study of Presidential Sports Encomia and its Contribution to an American Civil Religion."  2005

E. Grace Lager.  "Body Bound:  Oppositional Arguments Through Three Waters of the American Feminist Movement."  2004


Dissertations in Progress

Hanna Baranchuk. “Neo-Fascism and the State: Negotiation of National Identity in Modern Russia.”

Kristina E. Curry. “The Rhetoric of Louis E. Martin, Godfather of Black Politics.”

J. Ike Sewell.  “‘Doing it For The Dudes’: A Compative Ethnographic Study of Performative Masculinity in Hardcore and Heavy Metal Subcultures.”

Steve A. Stuglin. “Institutionalized Speech: The Presidency and the Industrial Sphere.”