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Jaye Atkinson

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Kansas, 1996). Jaye L. Atkinson's research focuses on the intersection of communication and stereotypes of older adults. Some of her research analyzes how communication perpetuates/negates stereotypes (e.g., the phrase “senior moment”), and in other research, she examines how stereotypes influence how people speak to older adults.

Selected Graduate Courses Taught: Human Communication & Social Influence; Communication & Aging; Research Methods in Communication

Doug Barthlow

Senior Lecturer (Ph.D. University of Georgia, 1993), Director of Undergraduate Studies (for majors in journalism, film/video, and speech communication), and Internship Coodinator of the Department of Communication. Barthlow has strong experience as a broadcast journalist, having served as a News and Public Affairs Director for two radio stations (WAMX-FM/WCMI-AM), as TV sports producer (WCIX-TV) and as news producer for a television station (WOWK-TV).

Selected Courses Taught: Intro to Communication, Internship

Joe Bellon

Senior Lecturer (Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1999) in Communication. Joe Bellon directs the GSU Debate Program. His research interests are focused on public argument, social movements, the intersection of popular culture and politics, the writings of Kenneth Burke, and postmodern philosophy.

Selected Courses Taught: Debate Activity, Media, Culture And Society, Rhetorical Theory And Criticism


Michael Lane Bruner (a.k.a. M. Lane Bruner)

Dr. Bruner studies identity construction and political power, combining rhetorical theory, cultural theory, performance theory, and critical political philosophy.

Selected Courses Taught: Regularly teaches Argumentation & Persuasion at the undergraduate level, Issues and Perspectives in Communication Theory, and seminars on rhetorical and discourse theory at the graduate level.


Norman Ferguson

Davin Grindstaff

Senior Lecturer and Director of the Basic Speech Course (Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2000), which is featured as an institutional option in the Georgia State University’s core curriculum. Grindstaff’s research is focused in rhetorical studies, with particular attention to identity construction/reconstruction and queer theory.

Selected Courses Taught: Human Communication, Media, Culture, And Society

Andrea Hulsey

  Julie Kruppa

Rasha Ramzy

Rasha Ramzy (PhD, Georgia State University) is a Senior Lecturer, with teaching emphasis in speech here at Georgia State University. Ramzy’s research uses a critical approach to rhetoric to establish how communication is used to create an ‘other’, articulate difference, and manifest power.

Selected Courses Taught: Advanced Public Speaking, Intercultural Communication, Communication and Diversity

Mary Ann Romski

Dr. Romski studies augmentative communication technologies to be able to foster language development in children with communication disorders.

Core Graduate Seminars Regularly Taught: Research Methods in Communication.


Mary E. Stuckey

Dr.Stuckey is focused on presidential communication and rhetoric, national identity, and strategic failures. 

Selected Courses Taught: Communication & Political Science


Tomasz Tabako

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Northwestern University). Tomasz Tabako's research centers on the general theme of rhetoric and social change, with emphasis on various forms of state-sponsored distorted communication and, especially, numerous modes of resistance, including social movements.

Selected Courses Taught: Contemporary Rhetorical Theory and Criticism; Seminar on Metaphor; Argumentation; Persuasion in Society; Political Communication; and The Rhetoric of Protest

Elyse Warford