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Dr. Mary Stuckey

Director of Graduate Studies, Professor of Communication


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Mary E. Stuckey







Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 1987



Mary E. Stuckey (Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 1987) is the author of nine books focusing on presidential communication and rhetoric, national identity, strategic failures, the pre-presidential and presidential rhetoric of Ronald Reagan, the Challenger address, and the theory and practice of political communication research. Among her recent books is Jimmy Carter, Human Rights, and the National Agenda (Texas A&M Press, 2008), which won the Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award, and Defining Americans: The Presidency and National Identity (Kansas 2004), which won the Gronbeck Prize for Scholarship in Political Communication. Her more than 50 articles and book chapters expand understanding of the presidency, the media, and governmental rhetoric aimed at American Indians. She is currently working on a book on Franklin Roosevelt.


Stuckey has won teaching awards from the Mississippi Humanities Council, the Southern Speech Communication Association (SSCA) and the American Political Science Association (APSA), and a campus-wide award from the University of Mississippi. Her research has been supported by NASA, the National Endowment of the Humanities, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, the Gerald R. Ford Library, and CSPAN. Stuckey has been active in the Women's Caucus and the Political Communication Divisionof APSA and has chaired APSA’s Presidency division,  SSCA's Rhetoric and Public Address Division, and is currently Vice President Elect for NCA”s Public Address Division. She has also edited the Southern Communication Journal

Selected Courses Taught:


Communication & Political Science


Selected Publications:



Stuckey, M. 2008. Jimmy Carter, Human Rights, and the National Agenda College Station: Texas A&M University Press, Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award, 2009.

Stuckey, M. 2006. To Slip the Surly Bonds: Ronald Reagan=s Challenger Address. College Station: Texas A&M Press.

Recent articles:


Refereed Essays


Stuckey,M. 2011. The Donner Party and the Rhetoric of Western Expansion, Rhetoric and Public Affairs 14(2): 229-260.

Stuckey, M. 2006. Establishing the Rhetorical Presidency Through Presidential Rhetoric: Theodore Roosevelt and the Brownsville Raid, Quarterly Journal of Speech 92(3): 287-309.

Stuckey, M. & K. Hoffman. 2006. Constituting the People: National Identity Under William H. Taft and Richard M. Nixon.  Congress and the Presidency 33(2): 69-94.

Invited Essays

Barnes, A. & M. Stuckey. Forthcoming. Rhetorical Constructions of Global Community: Presidents and the UN. ed. Meenekshi Bose. Evaluating U.S. Presidential Leadership at the United Nations and Prospects for Twenty-First Century Governance.

Stuckey, M. 2010. The Instrumental Approach to Effect, pgs 293-312. Shawn J. Parry-Giles & J. Michael Hogan, eds. The Handbook of Rhetoric and Public Address Oxford, England: Blackwell.

Stuckey, M., K. Curry, & A. Barnes. 2010. Bringing Candidacies in From the Cold: Mainstreaming Minority Candidates, 1960 & 2008. Presidential Studies Quarterly 40(3): 414-430.

Stuckey, M. 2010. Rethinking the Rhetorical Presidency, Review of Communication 10(1): 38-52.

Stuckey, M. & D.C. Dillard. 2008. Chief of State, pgs. 541-574. Michael Nelson, ed. Guide to the Presidency fourth ed. Washington, DC: CQ Press.

Stuckey, M. 2008.  Contributor to “The American Presidency: Looking Forward, Looking Back,” ed. John Ryan. Focus on Law Studies 24(1).

Stuckey, M. 2008. The Politics of Realignment.Communication and Critical/ Cultural Studies 5(3): 321-324. Abridged and reprinted in Communication Currents 3(5) 2008:

Stuckey, M. & K. Curry. 2008. Presidential Elections and the Media, pgs. 175-198. Mark J. Rozell& Jeremy D. Mayer, eds., Media Power, Media Politics Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield (revision of chapter previously single authored, 2000).

Stuckey, M., M. Genovese, S. Jarvis, C.A. Smith, C. R. Smith, R. Spitzer, & S. Zaeske. 2008.  White Paper on Congress and the Presidency, in Martin J. Medhurst& James ArntAune, eds. The Prospect of Presidential Rhetoric College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 272-292.

Stuckey, M., & G. Smith. 2007. The Presidency and Popular Culture, pgs 211-221. In Michael Nelson, ed. The Presidency, the Public, and the Parties. Washington, DC: CQ Press.

Stuckey, M. & J. Ritter. 2007. George Bush, <Human Rights>, and American Democracy.Presidential Studies Quarterly 37(4): 646-666.

Stuckey, M. 2006. Presidential Secrecy: Keeping Archives Open, Forum on the Politics of Archival Research, Rhetoric and Public Affairs 9(1): 138-144.


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