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Dr. Carol Winkler

Professor of Communication, Associate Dean of Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences


Office: 640M  One Park Place

Phone: (404) 413-5105

Fax: (404) 651-1409




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Carol Winkler


Professor, Associate Dean for the Humanities



Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1987




Carol Winkler (Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1987) is a scholar of presidential foreign policy rhetoric, argumentation and debate, and visual communication. Her recent book, In the Name of Terrorism (SUNY 2006), won the outstanding book award in political communication from the National Communication Association.  It traces the behind-the-scenes development of the leadership's public communication strategies since the Vietnam War in response to terrorism. Her research appears in the Quarterly Journal of Speech, Controversia, Argumentation and Advocacy, Political Communication and Persuasion, Rhetoric and Public Affairs,and Terrorism. She has won the National Communication Association's Visual Communication Commission's Award for Excellence in Research for her work on linkages between visual images and ideology.


Winkler is past President of the American Forensics Association.  As Co-Executive Director of the National Debate Project, she is expanding access to the benefits of debate training into traditionally underserved populations. She has received almost $2 million in grants for her debate work with at-risk children.  Those programs have been named the signature school program for the Bush White House’s Helping America’s Youth initiative and serve as part of the technical assistance program for the Obama administration’s Youth Engagement and Violence Prevention Toolkit. Business to Business Magazine, a publication targeting Fortune 100 and 500 companies, recognized her with their Diva Award for Outstanding Female Leadership.

Selected Courses Taught:


Rhetoric & Politics, and Human Communication & Social Influence


Selected Publications:


Winkler, Carol. “Bodies as Argument in On-line Jihadist Videos,” Reasoned Argument and Social Change, ed. Robin Rowland. (Annandale, VA:  National Communication Association, forthcoming).

Winkler, Carol and Barnes, Andrew, “Rogue States and the Emergence of Terrorist Tactics,” The Guide to U.S. Foreign Policy: A Diplomatic History, eds. Bob McMahon and Tom Zeiler, (New York: DWJ Books, forthcoming).

Winkler, Carol. “Media Responsiveness in a Time of Crisis,” Oxford Handbook of Political Communication, eds. Kathleen Jamison and Kate Kenski  (New York, NY:  Oxford, forthcoming).


Winkler, Carol. “Reading the Dropout Population:  Seeking Government Grants,”  Navigating Opportunity:  Policy Debate in the 21st Century, ed. Allan        D. Louden, (New York, NY:  International Debate Education Association, 2010), 281-282.


Winkler, Carol, “The Impact of Policy Debate on Inner-City Schools:  The Milwaukee Experience,” The Functions of Argument and Social Context, ed. Dennis Gouran. (Annandale, VA:  National Communication Association, 2009), 565-571.

Winkler, Carol, “Extending the Benefits of Debate:  Outcomes of the Computer Assisted Debate Project,” Concerning Argument, ed. Scott Jacobs (Annandale, VA:  National Communication Association, 2009), p. 792-800.

Winkler, Carol. “The National Counterterrorism Center’s Definitional Shift for Counting Terrorism:  Use of Loci Communes and Embedded Value Hierarchies,” Argumentation and Advocacy, 45(2009):  214-227.


Winkler, Carol. “Globalized Manifest Destiny:  The Rhetoric of the Bush Administration in Response to the Attacks of September 11th,” Discourse, Debate, and Democracy:  Readings from Controversia(International Debate Education Association, 2009), 129-154. (Reprint)


Edwards, Janis L. and Winkler, Carol K. “Representative Form and the Visual Ideograph: The Iwo Jima Image in Editorial Cartoons,” Visual Rhetoric, eds. Lester C. Olsen, Cara Finnegan and Diane S. Hope (Thousand Oaks, CA:  Sage, 2008), 105-123. (Reprint)


Winkler, Carol,“Encroachments on State Sovereignty:  The Argumentative Strategies of the George W. Bush Administration.” Argumentation, 22.4, 2008, 473-488.


Winkler, Carol, “Recalling U.S. Terrorism History in Contemporary Presidential Discourse,” Terrorism:  Communication and Rhetorical Perspectives eds. Dan O’Hair, Robert Heath, Kevin J. Ayotte, and Gerald Ledlow (Hampton, VA:  Hampton, 2008), 193-217.


Winkler, Carol, “The Evolution of American Presidential Terrorism Narratives:  Vietnam to the Future,” The Prospect of Presidential Rhetoric, eds. Martin J. Medhurst and Jim Aune (College Station, Tx:  Texas A&M Press, 2008):  182-208.


Contact Information:


Office: 640M  One Park Place
Phone: (404)413-5105