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Dr. Carrie Packwood Freeman


Office: 1023, One Park Place South

Phone: 404-413-5736

Fax: 404-413-5634


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Carrie Packwood Freeman



Assistant Professor





Ph.D.  University of Oregon, Communication & Society, 2008




Dr. Freeman is a critical/cultural studies researcher who studies media ethics, communication strategies for social justice movements, and the media's coverage of nonhuman animal and environmental issues, in particular, animal agribusiness and veganism. Her doctoral dissertation examined the role of animal rights ideology in vegetarian advocacy campaigns (a portion of which was published in Society & Animals journal). Other journal articles include: an examination of how environmental organizations negotiate the vegetarian issue (Environmental Communication); a study on national news construction of farmed animals (The Communication Review); how journalists can include nonhuman animals as a news source (Journalism Studies); and an article proposing ethical guidelines for social movement communicators (Journal of Mass Media Ethics). She has authored book chapters on topics such as: the media’s role in stemming the tide of species extinction (in Ignoring Nature); the problematic connection between meat and masculinity in fast-food advertising (in Food for Thought); post-humanist rhetorical challenges in deconstructing the human/animal dualism (in Arguments About Animal Ethics); and the function of undercover footage in animal liberation documentaries (in Cinema Beyond the Human). She has also authored encyclopedia entries on vegetarian, vegan, and animal welfare for Sage’s Green Food online reference.

In addition to a previous career in public relations and H.R./training, she’s been active in the animal rights and vegetarian movement for almost two decades and has served as a volunteer director for local grassroots groups in three states. She currently serves as a co-host on a weekly Atlanta-based community radio program on animal protection (Second Opinion Radio) and a monthly host of an environmental program (In Tune to Nature), both on WRFG 89.3FM.



Selected Courses Taught:


At the undergraduate level she teaches Media Ethics & Society, Introduction to Theories of Mass Communication, and Environmental Communication. At the graduate level she teaches seminars on Strategic Communication for Social Change and Environmental Communication.


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Office: 1023, One Park Place


P.O. Box 4000

One Park Place South

Atlanta, GA 30302