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Jack Boozer

Jack Boozer focuses his work on film genre and the adaptation of literature to film as well as directing coursework in screenwriting. 

Selected Courses Taught: Screenwriting I & II


Michael Lane Bruner (a.k.a. M. Lane Bruner)

Dr. Bruner studies identity construction and political power, combining rhetorical theory, cultural theory, performance theory, and critical political philosophy.

Selected Courses Taught: Regularly teaches Argumentation & Persuasion at the undergraduate level, Issues and Perspectives in Communication Theory, and seminars on rhetorical and discourse theory at the graduate level.



James Darsey

Dr. Darsey is Professor of Communication, and a scholar of rhetorical theory, GLBT studies, and social movements.

Core Graduate Seminars Regularly Taught: Texts and Contexts; Research Methods in Communication; Rhetorical Criticism.


Cynthia Hoffner

Dr. Hoffner’s academic work focuses on psychological aspects of media uses and effects. 

Selected Courses Taught:  Media, Individuals and Society; Media Uses & Effects; and Quantitative Research Methods.


Greg Lisby (Associate Chair)

 Dr. Lisby’s research interests include communication law and journalism history.

 Core Graduate Seminars Regularly Taught: Communication Law, Communication in a Globalized Context

Mary Ann Romski

Dr. Romski studies augmentative communication technologies to be able to foster language development in children with communication disorders.

Core Graduate Seminars Regularly Taught: Research Methods in Communication.

Sheldon Schiffer

Professor (MFA UCLA). Regularly teaches the second-year production sequence in the MA program. His films focus on youth culture, Latin American experience, and public health. His work has won numerous national awards at festivals and has appeared on PBS. He is currently working on a feature-length Brazilian-US coproduction.

Selected Courses Taught: Digital Moving Image Production, Acting for the Camera


Greg Smith

Dr. Smith studies narrative and aesthetics in various media, including film, television, new media, and comics.



Selected Courses Taught: Style and Narrative Analysis; Videogame Studies; Comics, Film Theory and Criticism; Auteurs and Audiences



Mary E. Stuckey

Dr.Stuckey is focused on presidential communication and rhetoric, national identity, and strategic failures. 

Selected Courses Taught: Communication & Political Science



Leonard Teel

Dr.Teel’s research interests include U.S. and international media history and international/global communication.

Core Graduate Seminars Regularly Taught: International Communication; Journalism History; Communication in a Global Context.



Carol Winkler

Dr. Winkler is a scholar of presidential foreign policy rhetoric, argumentation and debate, and visual communication.


Selected Courses Taught: Rhetoric & Politics, and Human Communication & Social Influence

Associate Professors

Jaye Atkinson

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Kansas, 1996). Jaye L. Atkinson's research focuses on the intersection of communication and stereotypes of older adults. Some of her research analyzes how communication perpetuates/negates stereotypes (e.g., the phrase “senior moment”), and in other research, she examines how stereotypes influence how people speak to older adults.

Selected Graduate Courses Taught: Human Communication & Social Influence; Communication & Aging; Research Methods in Communication

Ly Bolia

Cinematographer/Director. Interests in cinemagraphs and storytelling and the intersection of motion graphic animation in combination with traditional cinematography.  Currently lighting director on the Velocity network series "Café Racer".

Selected Courses Taught: Cinematography, Digital Editing, Digital Moving Image Production

Kay Beck

Director, Digital Arts and Entertainment Lab, Associate Professor (Ph.D. Emory; MA Univ Maryland; MA American Univ; BA Univ Alabama). Research interests include industrial studies of entertainment and technology, and immaterial labor. Her work has appeared in Discourse Processes, International Journal of Women's Studies, Journal of Behavior and Experimental Psychology, Television Quarterly, Journal of Film and Video.

Selected Courses Taught:

David Cheshier

Chair of the Department of Communication

Selected Courses Taught:

Ted Friedman

Associate Professor (Ph.D. Duke Univ), Research interests include media and cultural studies, new media and gaming, and the politics of Hollywood cinema. His most recent book is Electric Dreams: Computers in American Culture (NYU, 2005). His website is

Selected Courses Taught:

Yuki Fujioka

Associate Professor (Ph.D. Washington State),Yuki Fujioka's research areas include the processes and effects of mediated messages, racial and ethnic minorities and media, and communication and health decision-making. More specifically, Dr. Fujioka's research program centers on the role of social identity in how individuals, particularly minority and underserved audiences, process and respond to mediated information about race, ethnicity, and health-related issues.

Core Graduate Seminars Regularly Taught: Audience Studies; Quantitative Research Methods; Persuasion & Communication Campaign

Shirlene Holmes

Associate Professor (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, 1992). Shirlene Holmes is a solo performer and prolific playwright whose productions have run in Georgia, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, California, Kentucky, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Alabama, Maryland, Kansas, South Dakota, Indiana, Ireland, Jamaica, and South Africa. Through her artistic work, Dr. Holmes is committed to providing a voice for those generally unheard in contemporary society.

Selected Courses Taught: Acting 1, Dramatic Writing

Anthony (Tony) Lemieux

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Connecticut, 2003). Tony Lemieux’s research focuses on violence and transnational conflict resolution (he is among faculty appointed to a 2CI interdisciplinary research project on this subject) and public health.

Selected Courses Taught: Health Communication, Communication and Violence, Research Methods

Marian Meyers

Associate Professor (Ph.D. Univ of Iowa; MA Univ of Wisc Madison; BA Univ of Mass Amherst). Research interests include feminist media studies, critical and cultural studies, and journalism studies. She is the author or editor of several books, most recently Women in Higher Education: The Fight for Equity (Hampton, 2011) and Women in Popular Culture: Representation and Meaning (Hampton, 2008). She is currently working on a book about the representation of African American women in the news.

Selected Courses Taught:


Angelo Restivo

Associate Professor and Graduate Director of the MIS program (Ph.D. Univ Southern Cal; MA Illinois Chicago; BA Univ Chicago). Research interests: Critical Theory and the image; global art cinemas; space, modernization, and the moving image. His most recent book is The Cinema of Economic Miracles: Visuality and Modernization in the Italian Art Film (Duke, 2002).

Core Graduate Seminars Regularly Taught: Advanced Film Theory, International Cinemas, Style & Narrative Analysis

Niklas Vollmer

Associate Professor, (MFA Univ of California, San Diego; BFA Univ Arizona). Research and teaching interests: experimental, avant-garde, and nonfiction theory and practice; community-based and subject participatory media-making; the essay film; video art; home moviemaking and the representation of family; performance of masculinity; and environmental documentaries. His most recent work, Environmental Champions, screened on the Olympic Green during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Selected Courses Taught: Community Based Media Production, Media Expressions, Experimental Film & Media

Holley Wilkin

Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2005). My applied health communication research program revolves around reducing health disparities in diverse urban environments. I approach health communication from an ecological prospective—exploring individual, community and societal level factors influencing health knowledge, attitudes and behaviors.

Selected Courses Taught: Journalism

Assistant Professors


Amelia Arsenault


Assistant Professor (PhD. USC, Annenberg School; MSc London Sch of Econ.; BA Dartmouth).  Research interests include: global media and power, media and communication for development, network theory, new media, and public diplomacy. Her scholarly work has appeared in several edited volumes and journals such as the International Journal of Communication, International Sociology, The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, and Information, Communication, and Society.

Selected Courses Taught:


Nathan Atkinson

Nathan Atkinson (Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, 2009) specializes in rhetorical studies, with particular attention to the manner in which visual images exert suasory influence in constituting public culture. His dissertation examined newsreel coverage of the first public test of the atomic bomb at Bikini Atoll, and he is currently revising the manuscript for book publication.

Selected Courses Taught: Atkinson coordinates the department's core curriculum media literacy course (SPCH 2050)



Jennifer M. Barker

Associate Professor (Ph.D. and MA UCLA; BA Univ Iowa). Research interests include the senses and synaesthesia, theories of spectatorship and embodiment, performance, and documentary. She is the author of The Tactile Eye: Touch and the Cinematic Experience (University of California Press, 2009). Her work also appears in Film-Philosophy, New Review of Film & Television Studies, Paragraph, Cinema Journal and forthcoming anthologies on the iPhone and performance theory.

Selected Courses Taught:

Patricia Davis

Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of California at San Diego, 2009). Patricia Davis researches in the area of cultural studies, with a particular interest in the mechanics of public memory. Her dissertation examined how participants in Civil War reenactments accounted for their own public performances. Her work is more widely concerned with memory and heritage studies, race and representation, visual culture, critical gender studies, and popular culture.

Selected Courses Taught: Human Communication

Carrie Packwood Freeman

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Univ of OR; MA Univ of GA; BS Univ of FL). Research interests include critical media studies, critical animal studies, environmental comm, media ethics, and strategic comm for social change. Much of her scholarship examines how nonhuman animals and vegetarianism are framed by animal and environmental activists and news and entertainment media, making recommendations for ethical communication to create a more just & sustainable world.

Selected Courses Taught:

Hongmei Li

Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2006). Dr. Hongmei Li's research focuses on globalization, consumer culture, identity, public diplomacy and culture of the Internet, with an emphasis on Contemporary China in particular and Asian countries in general.

Selected Courses Taught: Media Management & Marketing


Shawn Powers

Shawn Powers (Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2009) specializes in international political communication, with particular attention to the geopolitics of information and information technologies

Selected Courses Taught: Communication in a Global Context (MA & PhD), International Political Economy of the Media (MA & PhD), Middle East Media (MA & PhD), Communication Law & Regulation (Undergraduate), Introduction to Theories of the Mass Media (undergraduate)


Alessandra Raengo

Associate Professor (PhD and MA NYU, BA Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy). Research interests: critical race theory, visual culture, film, and the arts, theories of materialism, the aesthetics of the color line. With Robert Stam, she has edited two volumes on film adaptations. Her book, On the Sleeve of the Visual: Race as Face Value (Dartmouth College Press, forthcoming) approaches race as a theory of the visual.

Selected Courses Taught:

Daniel Robin

Assistant Professor (MFA San Francisco State Univ). Currently teaching undergraduate film/video production courses. Robin's work has been screened world-wide, winning numerous awards. Most recently his film My Olympic Summer won the Jury Prize for short Filmmaking at the 2008 Sundance Festival. Filmmaker Magazine chose him as one of the 25 new faces of independent film in 2008.

Selected Courses Taught:


Dr. Shahaf

Sharon Shahaf

Sharon Shahaf (PhD UT Austin; BA and MA Tel Aviv University) specializes in global television studies. Her research interests include Israeli television, global television formats and post-Zionist critique. She is the co-editor of Global Television Formats: Understanding Television across Borders (Routledge, 2011). Her articles and monographs appeared in Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture, Flow, and In Media Res. Her current book project examines the emergence of reality television in Israel as a way to understand the genre’s global dynamics as well as Israeli television’s globalization.

Selected Courses Taught:


Tomasz Tabako

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Northwestern University). Tomasz Tabako's research centers on the general theme of rhetoric and social change, with emphasis on various forms of state-sponsored distorted communication and, especially, numerous modes of resistance, including social movements.

Selected Courses Taught: Contemporary Rhetorical Theory and Criticism; Seminar on Metaphor; Argumentation; Persuasion in Society; Political Communication; and The Rhetoric of Protest

Natalie Tindall

Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2007). Natalie Tindall researches in the area of public relations. Dr. Tindall has undertaken research in areas including identity, diversity, and power in the public relations function; identity and health messages; fundraising and philanthropy; organizational culture and stereotypes within historically Black fraternities and sororities; and the intersection of public relations and marketing to minority health.

Selected Courses Taught: Journalism

Ethan Tussey

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of Califiornia – Santa Barbara, 2012). Ethan Tussey’s research focuses on the intersection of media industries and the modern workplace, with attention to how workplace environments are being transformed by the pervasiveness of entertainment and information resources on every screen.

Selected Courses Taught: Television Studies, Media and Popular Culture

Ann Williams

Assistant Professor (PhD, University of Michigan). Ann Williams is a trained survey methodologist, with a background in media studies, political communication, and public opinion research.

Selected Couses Taught: Media and Politics; Political Communication; Research Methods; Media, Ethics, and Society; Public Opinion and Political Culture; Audience Studies

Senior Lecturers

Doug Barthlow

Senior Lecturer (Ph.D. University of Georgia, 1993), Director of Undergraduate Studies (for majors in journalism, film/video, and speech communication), and Internship Coodinator of the Department of Communication. Barthlow has strong experience as a broadcast journalist, having served as a News and Public Affairs Director for two radio stations (WAMX-FM/WCMI-AM), as TV sports producer (WCIX-TV) and as news producer for a television station (WOWK-TV).

Selected Courses Taught: Intro to Communication, Internship

Joe Bellon

Senior Lecturer (Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1999) in Communication. Joe Bellon directs the GSU Debate Program. His research interests are focused on public argument, social movements, the intersection of popular culture and politics, the writings of Kenneth Burke, and postmodern philosophy.

Selected Courses Taught: Debate Activity, Media, Culture And Society, Rhetorical Theory And Criticism

Davin Grindstaff

Senior Lecturer and Director of the Basic Speech Course (Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2000), which is featured as an institutional option in the Georgia State University’s core curriculum. Grindstaff’s research is focused in rhetorical studies, with particular attention to identity construction/reconstruction and queer theory.

Selected Courses Taught: Human Communication, Media, Culture, And Society

Frank Miller

Senior Lecturer (Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1980) and Chair of the Communication Department Program Committee for Theater. Frank Miller serves on the advisory board of the GSU Players, the university’s theater organization.  Serving as a teacher of acting and directing at Georgia State, he has directed or acted in plays that have been performed at the Jewish Theatre of the South, Theatre in the Square, Theatre Gael, 7 Stages, T.H.E. Theatre, Ltd., the Center for Puppetry Arts, and various southern universities.

Selected Courses Taught: Acting II, Directing, Perspective: Comparative Culture

Rasha Ramzy

Rasha Ramzy (PhD, Georgia State University) is a Senior Lecturer, with teaching emphasis in speech here at Georgia State University. Ramzy’s research uses a critical approach to rhetoric to establish how communication is used to create an ‘other’, articulate difference, and manifest power.

Selected Courses Taught: Advanced Public Speaking, Intercultural Communication, Communication and Diversity

James Roberts

Senior Lecturer (Ph.D. Pennsylvania State, 1999). James Roberts specializes in international cinema, film theory and critcism, and the intersection of cinema and literature. Roberts oversees instruction in film aesthetics, the gateway course for the film major, and the department's core curriculum course in film history.

Selected Courses Taught: History of Motion Pictures, Film Aesthetics


Jeff Johnson

Selected Courses Taught:

Coleen McEdwards

Lecturer (Ph.D. Northcentral University, 2012). McEdwards brings more than 20 years journalism experience to GSU students, most recently building on her successful career as a business affairs reporter and world news anchor for CNN International.

Selected Courses Taught: Newswriting, Broadcast Journalism, Feature & Editorial Writing

Randy Miller

Selected Courses Taught:

Todd Studebaker

Production Manager, University Theater

Selected Courses Taught:

Keith Tims

Selected Courses Taught:

Richard Welch

Selected Courses Taught: