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Panola Hall

Panola Hall

Tripp -- Hunt -- Liles -- Lott -- Hammond
400 N. Madison Ave

Built by Henry Trippe and Elizabeth Perry shortly after their marriage Panola Hall is a Greek Revival House with a heavy parapet concealing an almost completely flat roof. Huge Doric columns line the porch and a second floor balcony graces the front of the house.

In 1891 the house was purchased by Dr. Benjamin Hunt. Dr. Hunt, a native New Yorker, moved to Putnam County after his marriage to Louisa Prudden of Eatonton. The Hunts made some Victorian changes in the structure as well as conducted general restoration of the house. In 1922 Mr. Hunt was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Georgia, Doctor of Science, for his experiments in dairy farming and botany. Many of his rare plants are still thriving on the grounds.

In 1946 the house was owned by M.L. Liles. The house remained in the Liles family until 1981 when it was purchased by Dr. Robert Lott. The current owner is Dr. Philip Hammond, who bought the house in 1996.


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Information taken from 1985 Walking Tour of Homes published by the Eatonton-Putnam County Historical Society
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