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Taliaferro House

Taliaferro House

Thomas -- Nisbet -- Taliaferro
N. Madison Ave
c. 1836?
remodelling date unknown

The Taliaferro House, pronounced Toliver, has an obscure history. Lewis P. Harwell is believed to be the builder of the house. William Thomas, the original owner, sold the house in 1838 in order to move to Alabama. The family of the new owner, Dr. Reuben Nisbet of Macon, Georgia, owned the house for more than sixty years. The Methodist Church has owned the house since the 1952 death of Mrs. Taliaferro.

The house has been extensively altered over the years so a definite construction date cannot be determined. Some evidence, such as wide floor boards, room scale, and ceiling height hint at an 1830s beginning.

One particular note of interest is the priceless manuscript found in the house cellar. Written by Mary Fielder in 1881 the document contains her recollection of life in Eatonton as a fourteen year old school girl in 1821.


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