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Registration FAQ

Tips for Registration

  • Always take lower level courses before upper level courses (that is, 2000 level courses before 3000 level courses, and 3000 before 4000).
  • Take AL 3021 Introduction to Linguistics early in your program, as it is the prerequisite to all the upper level courses.
  • If you are earning a TEFL certificate, take AL 3051 TEFL I before AL 4161 TEFL II.  The TEFL II course should be the very last course you take for the TEFL certificate.
  • Take AL 3031 Language in Society CTW before AL 4151 Communication across Cultures. Only seniors should be taking AL 4151 – it is a rigorous senior capstone course that requires students to do their own original research and write a 17-22 page paper.
  • Our department has several courses with registration holds:
  • AL 3031 Language in Society CTW – this course is only open to majors and minors, or by special permission. Please send your information, including  your Panther ID#, to Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair at if you need this hold removed.
  • AL 4161 TEFL II – this course is only open to students earning the TEFL certificate. To have the hold removed, fill out the TEFL Certificate Application and take it to the office on the 12th floor of 34 Peachtree St. for processing. You will receive an email when your hold has been removed.
  • Contact your college advisor at 404/413-5000 for questions about gen ed curriculum, for graduation audits, or for general graduation requirement questions. If you have questions specifically about Applied Linguistics coursework, check this website for resources (like the Major and Minor checklists) and then contact Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair at if you still need help.
  • Special topics courses we offer occasionally can substitute for major requirements. For example, the lower level Special Topics course 2290 can be counted in area F instead of AL 2101, 2102, or 2231. Senior seminar special topics courses can substitute for a CTW course.
  • Start your language series early. If you take a Less Commonly Taught language for your series (through 2002 level) it may be harder for you to finish because they are only offered in a traditional fall/spring format, with 1001 and 2001 in the fall and 1002 and 2002 in the spring. Also, sometimes these classes get canceled for low enrollment. On the other hand, if you take a language like Spanish or French for your language series, you will end up needing more classes because of the additional LCTL requirement. If you need to take an extra semester of a Less Commonly Taught Language and you also need more residency hours, one solution is to take Survival American Sign Language (check the EXC listings), which is offered at the 4000 level.
  • We strongly advise students not to take Grammar in Use and Morphology & Syntax in the same semester.
  • Check prerequisites for courses carefully, since some of these are changing as of Fall 2013. Of special note is the new course AL 2021 Intro to English Linguistics that will be a prereq to AL 3021 Intro to Linguistics unless you test out of it.

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