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AL/ESL Student, Ben Bradfield, highlighted in Georgia State University's Class of 2014 Portraits of Success

Maxi-Ann Campbell selected as an Academic Fellow at NYU Shanghai
Congratulations to our recent graduate Maxi-Ann Campbell who has been selected as a 2014-2015 Global Academic Fellow at NYU Shanghai! We're so excited for you, Maxi!! (03/18/2014)

Ute Römer Published a Paper in Cognitive Linguistics on Verb-Argument Constructions
Ute Römer co-authored an article in Cognitive Linguistics studying speakers' knowledge of verb-argument constructions from a usage-based perspective. (3/3/2014)

Scott Crossley Published a paper in Applied Linguistics on Lexical Proficiency in Oral and Written Texts.
Scott Crossley co-authored an article in Applied Linguistics! The article is based on a study that examines lexical proficiency in oral and written texts produced by second language learners of English. (3/3/2014)

Amanda Baker Published an Article in TESOL Quarterly, Based on Her Dissertation Work.
ALESL graduate Amanda Baker (now at the University of Wollongong in Australia) published an article in the latest issue of TESOL Quarterly! The article is based on Amanda's dissertation work. (3/3/2014)

Jennifer Roberts Beginan Her English Language Fellow assignment with the Department of State
ALESL graduate Jennifer Roberts has safely arrived in Mataram, Lombok and is ready to start her English Language Fellow assignment with the US Dept of State. (2/24/2014)

Department Selected to Host the 2015 Second Language Research Forum (SLRF)
Our department has been selected to be the host of the 2015 Second Language Research Forum (SLRF)! Congratulations to the SLRF 2015 co-chairs Kris Kyle, Cindy Murphy and Stephen Skalicky as well as to their faculty advisers Scott Crossley, YouJin Kim and Eric Friginal on putting a winning proposal together!! (2/20/2014).

Dr. Eric Friginal and Jack Hardy Published a Textbook.
2014 starts particularly well for AL/ESLers Eric Friginal and Jack Hardy: They have a new textbook out on corpus-based sociolinguistics! CONGRATULATIONS, both!! We all look forward to reading it! (1/2/2014)

Journal Corpora Published, Edited by Dr. Eric Friginal, With Contributions By Ashley Titak, Audrey Roberson, Jack Hardy, and Ute Römer
A special issue of the journal Corpora, celebrating 25 years of Doug Biber's MDA -- edited by our own Eric Friginal! Also, check out the contributions by ALESLers Ashley Titak and Audrey Roberson, and by Jack Hardy and Ute Römer! Congratulations, all!! (11/19/2013)

Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair Named GSU’s Study Abroad Director of the Year (11/15/2013)

Nicole Pettitt Leads a Presentation at the 2013 Symposium on Low Educated Second Language and Literacy Acquisition for Adults (8/8/2013)

Janet Beth Rrandall Starts work at position at NYU’s American Language Institute in Tokyo
Visiting lecturer and recent MA graduate Janet Beth Randall has just accepted a position at New York University's American Language Institute in Tokyo, starting in the fall. Congratulations! And when can we visit? (6/7/2013)

Scott Crossley Published a Paper in The Mental Lexicon on Lexical Knowledge
Scott Crossley’s study investigates the depth of lexical knowledge in first language (L1) speakers and second language (L2) learners in reference to hierarchical word knowledge. (6/6/2013)

Scott Crossley Receives Tenure and Eric Firginal is Promoted
Scott Crossley’s tenure and promotion to Associate Professor Eric Friginal’s instructional innovation award (4/17/2013)

Luciana Junqueira and Dr. YouJin Kim Published a Paper in the Canadian Modern Language Review.
Their study investigated the relationship between previous training, teaching experience, corrective feedback (CF) beliefs, and practices of a novice and an experienced ESL teacher. (4/10/2013)

Dr. Eric Friginal won the 2013 College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Teacher award.
Dr. Eric Friginal and Dr. Ying Zhu from the Department of Computer Science were co-winners of the 2013 College of Arts & Sciences Instructional Innovation Award for their online text visualizer, TEXT X-RAY. The TEXT X-RAY is a computer program that helps students build academic vocabulary and analyze discipline-specific features of writing

Dr. YouJin Kim received the Dean’s Early Career Award for the Social and Behavioral Sciences in Spring 2013

Dr. Eric Friginal Received the Dean’s Early Career Awards
Dr. Eric Friginal and Dean William Long at the Dean’s Early Career Awards Reception. (02/22/2012)

Scott Crossley Won the Language Learning Outstanding Article of the Year in 2011
Scott Crossley, S. A., Salsbury, T., & McNamara, D. S. (2010). The development of polysemy and frequency use in English second language speakers. Language Learning, 60 (3), 573-605. (02/21/2012)

Ute Römer is Invited to Give a Keynote Lecture at the 2012 Forum Academic Writing
Ute Römer accepted an invitation to give a keynote lecture at the 2012 Forum Academic Writing in Basel, Switzerland (7-8 June 2012). The topic of the conference is “Textual Networks, Networks of Writing, Networks of Thinking: Writing in educational and professional contexts”. (02/21/2012)

Ute Römer Serves as a Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Advanced Linguistic Studies
Ute Römer is now a member of the editorial board of the new Journal of Advanced Linguistic Studies (JALS). (02/21/2012)

Ute Römer Published an Overview Article on Pedagogical Corpus Applications in ARAL
Römer, Ute. 2011. Corpus research applications in second language teaching. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics 31: 205-225. (02/21/2012)

Ute Römer Published a Paper in a Volume Celebrating John Sinclair’s Work on Phraseology
Römer, Ute. 2011. Observations on the phraseology of academic writing: Local patterns – local meanings? In: Herbst, Thomas, Susen Faulhaber & Peter Uhrig (eds.). The Phraseological View of Language. A Tribute to John Sinclair. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 211-227. (02/21/2012)

Department Receives $1 Million, Three-year Grants
Eric Friginal (Principal Investigator) and Gayle Nelson (Co-Investigator) received a $1 million, three-year grants, University of Baghdad and Georgia State University: University Linkages Program (ULP), funded by the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, September, 2011 to September, 2014. (02/17/2012)