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Scott Crossley

Dr. Scott Crossley is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at Georgia State University. Professor Crossley's primary research focus is on natural language processing and the application of computational tools and machine learning algorithms in language learning, writing,  and text comprehensibility. His main interest area is the development and use of natural language processing tools in assessing writing quality and text difficulty. He is also interested in the development of second language learner lexicons and the potential to examine lexical growth and lexical proficiency using computational algorithms. Professor Crossley works as a senior researcher on Writing Pal, an intelligent tutoring system under development at Arizona State University. His research has appeared in many prestigious journals in the field of second language acquisition, composition studies, and reading including Studies in Second Language Acquisition, TESOL Quarterly, Language Learning, The Modern Language Journal, Second Language Research, Language Testing, Written Communication, and the Journal of Reading Research.