Eudora Welty Newsletter


Eudora Welty's Life and Bibliography

Remembering Eudora Welty (1909-2001)
By Renée Love

Her stories and photographs amazed and surprised those who knew them, but the creative work alone was not all that her friends and admirers loved: the modesty, wit, generosity, and friendship she unfailingly displayed is also is a common theme in the obituary tributes and remembrances written in honor of Eudora Welty in July of 2001. The death of a master writer may always inspire reflection, praise, and even re-evaluation of a career, but the one hundred plus articles and essays memorializing Welty as often contain anecdotes of personal experience with her-a dinner conversation, a walk through the mall, a drive from a train station, a chance meeting in the grocery or on a cruise ship, a visit in her home or in that of some charmed hostess or host. Many of the obituaries cover common ground, outlining the basic facts of her life, listing her works, summarizing her career and citing the many awards she received. The authors are mostly journalists or professional book page editors, but professors and poets, photographers and producers, fiction writers of two or three generations and politicians are heard from in quoted interviews. In the Winter 2002 issue of the Eudora Welty Newsletter, I include summaries of seventy-four cited pieces, short quotes, and information about those who were interviewed or quoted in the obituary. The entries are arranged chronologically by publication date.

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Help with Welty Studies 

Through this web site, the Eudora Welty Newsletter receives two or three inquiries a week, mostly from students and book clubs, for information about Welty's books, her life, and the scholarship and criticism useful to those who would study or write about her. The following additions to the web site are a first effort to provide such information in a general form available to all. Suggestions are welcome, and requests for information will still receive the attention they deserve. Please also visit our FAQ page for more information. 

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(April 13, 1909 - July 23, 2001)

Eudora Welty was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on April 13, 1909, and attended the public schools there.  She published several pieces in magazines for children before she reached her teens.  From 1925-1927, she attended Mississippi State College for Women (MSCW, or the "W" as it was called) in Columbus, but transferred for her final two years of college to the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  She spent an academic year in New York City, studying at the Columbia University School of Business but attending lectures, plays, concerts, and art exhibitions as well. The untimely death of her father in 1931 prompted her return to Jackson, where she worked for the local radio station and wrote Jackson and Delta society news for the Memphis, Tennessee, Commercial Appeal, a major newspaper for northwest Mississippi.  In 1935 and 1936, she worked for Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal program the Works Progress Administration (WPA), serving as a "junior publicity agent" and traveling to many parts of Mississippi to promote road building, new airstrips, canning factories, and other efforts to bring economic progress to poor and remote rural areas of the state. In 1936 she published her first important short story, and from that time onward her writing career expanded and found considerable success, as the list of book publications below indicates.  All of Welty's writing is the product of a determined shaping imagination and a deep love and understanding for the power of carefully chosen language to evoke charactersin dramatic motion.  Her stories are very much created by her own art out of materials she found and was touched by, material assembled by the artist's eye. 

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1941  A Curtain of Green (short stories). Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday Doran. 
1942  The Robber Bridegroom (short novel).  Doubleday Doran. 
1943  The Wide Net and Other Stories (short stories).  New York: Harcourt Brace. 
1946  Delta Wedding (novel).  Harcourt Brace. 
1948  Music from Spain (short story published in separate binding; limited edition).  Greenville, MS: Levee Press. (This story became a major section of The Golden Apples, published the following year.) 
1949  The Golden Apples (cycle of related stories).  Harcourt Brace. 
1954  Selected Stories of Eudora Welty.  New York: Modern Library. 
1954  The Ponder Heart (short novel).  Harcourt Brace. 
1955  The Bride of the Innisfallen and Other Stories.  Harcourt Brace. 
1957  Place in Fiction (essay; limited edition).  New York: House of Books. 
1964  The Shoe Bird (children's story).  Harcourt Brace & World. 
1965  Thirteen Stories, ed. Ruth Vande Kieft.   Harcourt Brace & World. 
1970  Losing Battles (novel).  New York: Random House. 
1971  One Time, One Place: Mississippi in the Depression, A Snapshot Album  (photographsby Welty with a fine introduction by her).  Random House. 
1972  The Optimist's Daughter (novel).  Random House. 
1978  The Eye of the Story (essays).  Random House. 
1984  One Writer's Beginnings (autobiography).  Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 
1984  Conversationswith Eudora Welty, ed. Peggy Prenshaw (collected interviews).  Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi. 
1989  Photographs, with a foreword by Reynolds Price.  University Press of Mississippi.

1991  Norton Book of Friendship, ed. Ronald A. Sharp and Eudora Welty. Norton.
1994  A Writer's Eye: Collected Book Reviews, ed. Pearl Amelia McHaney. University Press of Mississippi. 
1995  More Conversations with Eudora Welty, ed. Peggy Prenshaw. University Press of Mississippi.
1999 Welty: Collected Novels. Library of Congress.
1999 Welty: Collected Essays and Memoirs. Library of Congress.

As this selective list shows, Welty continued to write for publication  into her mid-seventies, and for a decade afterward she cooperated with several ventures to bring uncollected work to press.  A serious student of Welty's fiction would do well to read all the essays and interviews and to examine the photographs carefully.  Welty's full list of publications, which includes appearances in magazines and newspapers as well as in the books of others, limited editions of stories and essays, and a great many translations, can be found in Noel Polk's indispensable bibliography of her writing (Welty: A Bibliography of Her Work. Jackson: UniversityPress of Mississippi, 1994.)  This book is still available from the press.  The Welty Collection, ed. Suzanne Marrs (Jackson: U Press of Mississippi) is a thorough guide to the great trove of Welty's papers and photographs at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson.

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Welty's One Writer's Beginnings is a remarkably useful account of her origins and development as a writer, and her essays on her own reading or on the art of writing, collected in some of the volumes listed above, are excellent testaments to her sources, her Masters, and her practice and standards as a writer.   More biographical detail about her can be found in Ruth Vande Kieft's Eudora Welty, rev. edition (Twayne, 1987), Albert Devlin's Eudora Welty's Chronicle: A Story of Mississippi Life (1983), and Michael Kreyling's Author and Agent: Eudora Welty and Diarmuid Russell (1991). 

Vande Kieft's Twayne book remains an extremely useful general introduction to the analysis of Welty's fiction, and Michael Kreyling's Eudora Welty's Achievement of Order, a more modern perspective, has been well received. Several useful collections of individual essays on Welty's writing are available: Eudora Welty: A Form of Thanks, ed. Louis Dollarhide and Ann J. Abadie (UP of Miss, 1979), Eudora Welty: Critical Essays, ed. Peggy Whitman Prenshaw (Jackson: U Press of Mississippi, 1979), and Eudora Welty: Thirteen Essays, ed. Prenshaw (U P of Miss, 1983; a selection from the previous volume, published  in paperback); Welty: A Life in Literature, ed. Albert J. Devlin (Jackson: U P of Miss, 1987; a reprinting of the 1986 special number of Mississippi Quarterly); Critical Essays on Eudora Welty, ed. W. Craig Turner and Lee Emling Harding (Boston: G. K. Hall, 1989),and Eudora Welty: Eye of the Storyteller, ed. Dawn Trouard (Kent, OH; KentState UP, 1989).  The Mississippi Quarterly has devoted two special issues to essays on Welty (1973, 1986, with another planned soon). 

Welty scholarship in this country and abroad is growing in quantity and in sophistication and is too voluminous to summarize here.  Readers seeking titles of articles on specific Welty works and books on Welty's writing should consult the checklists of scholarship and criticism about Welty that have appeared in the special issues of Mississippi Quarterly (Checklists for 1936-1972 and 1973-1986, which also include reference to Welty's own published works, appear in Welty: A Life in Literature.).  New checklists appear annually in the Eudora Welty Newsletter and in the Southern Bibliography published by Mississippi Quarterly.  Summaries, with critical judgments, of much Welty scholarship appear in the on-going series of  volumes American Literary Scholarship:An Annual (Duke University Press). 

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A Lifetime of Honors for Eudora Welty: A Checklist of Awards
by Elaine Saino

[This article originally appeared in our Winter 1997 issue.
Addenda have been added for newly uncovered honors.]

To honor someone is to hold that person in esteem, to show respect, and to mark the person with distinction. The privilege and burden of such an appropriate pause of recognition rested with Eudora Welty on May 24, 1962, when she presented William Faulkner with The Gold Medal for Fiction given by the National Institute of Arts and Letters. She said, "Mr. Faulkner, I think this medal, being pure of its kind, the real gold, would go to you of its own accord, and know its owner regardless of whether we were all here to see or not. Safe as a puppy it would climb into your pocket . . ." (Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Institute of Arts and Letters. Second Series. Number 13. New York: 1963: 226). Welty is fond of telling the story that the medal was indeed already in Faulkner's pocket as she spoke. She had passed it to him during dinner and presented an empty box.

Before Welty received her own Gold Medal for Fiction in 1972, she had many other moments of appreciation. In looking at the following checklist of Eudora Welty's lifetime awards, one can see that over many years, Welty has been honored by national governments, colleges and universities, magazines, local institutions. It is obvious that her appeal is universal as her admirers have no limiting common denominator except a love of her work.

This list includes local, regional, national, and international honors for individual stories and novels as well as for lifetime achievement. The list is culled from Noel Polk's Eudora Welty: A Bibliography of Her Work (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1994), where the day and month are often given, and from past Eudora Welty Newsletters, where fuller reports of awards, including descriptions and names of other recipients, may be found. Please notify the Eudora Welty Newsletter of any corrections or additional awards that merit inclusion for a future update.

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1920  Silver Badge, St. Nicholas Magazine, for a drawing "A Heading for August." 
1921  $25 prize in "Jackie Mackie Jingles Contest." 

1935  Gold Badge, St. Nicholas Magazine, for a poem "In the Twilight." 
1938  "Lily Daw and the Three Ladies" in The Best American Short Stories of 1938
1939  "A Curtain of Green" in The Best American Short Stories of 1939
1939  "Petrified Man" in Prize Stories 1939: The O. Henry Awards

1940  "The Hitchhikers" in Best American Short Stories 1940
1940  Bread Loaf Fellowship for the upcoming summer. 
1941  Yaddo Writers' Conference, Saratoga Springs, New York. 
1941  "A Worn Path" in Prize Stories 1941: The O. Henry Awards
1942  Guggenheim Fellowship. 
1942  "The Wide Net" in Prize Stories 1942: The O. Henry Awards, second place. 
1943  "Asphodel" in The Best American Short Stories of 1943
1943  "Livvie Is Back" in Prize Stories 1943: The O. Henry Awards, first place. 
1944  American Academy of Arts and Letters, $1000 prize. 
1946  "A Sketching Trip" in Prize Stories 1946: The O. Henry Awards
1947  "The Whole World Knows" in Prize Stories 1947: The O. Henry Awards
1949  Guggenheim fellowship renewal. 

1951  "The Burning" in Prize Stories 1951: The O. Henry Awards, second place. 
1952  Election to the National Institute of Arts and Letters. 
1954  Honorary LL.D. from the University of Wisconsin. 
1955  Howells Medal for Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters for The Ponder Heart.
1955  Honorary LL.D. from Western College for Women
1956  Honorary LL.D. from Smith College. 
1957  "A Flock of Guinea Hens Seen from a Car" in Best Poems of 1957
1958  Honorary Consultant to Library of Congress. 
1958  Lucy Donnelley Fellowship Award from Bryn Mawr College. 

1960  Ford Foundation grant for two seasons of observation and study at New York's Phoenix Theatre. 
1962  Henry Bellamann Memorial Foundation for contribuiton to American Letters. The award of $1,000 was presented at Mississippi College, Clinton.  
1966  Creative Arts Medal for Fiction from Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.  Editor-in-Chief, Pearl McHaney, accepts the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Southern Book Critics Cirle on behalf of Eudora Welty in 1999
1968  "The Demonstrators" in Prize Stories 1968: The O. Henry Awards, first place.
1970  Edward MacDowell Medal. 
1971  Doctor of Letters degree from the University of the South. 
1972  Election to the American Academy of Arts and Letters. 
1972  Gold Medal for Fiction of the National Institute of Arts and Letters. 
1973  Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for The Optimist's Daughter
1975  Honorary Degree from Newcomb College, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

1975  Honorary Degree from Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts. 
1979  Honorary Doctor of Letters degree from the University of Illinois-Urbana. 
1979  National Medal for
Literature for 1979 from the
American Book Award. 

Pearl McHaney accepting an
award on behalf of
Eudora Welty.

1980  Medal of Freedom given by Jimmy Carter. 
1981  Honorary Degree from William Carey College, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
1981  Medal of Excellence from Mississippi University for Women (formerly Mississippi State College for Women). 
1982  Eudora Welty Chair of Southern Studies established at Millsaps College. 
1982  Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Columbia University. 
1983  St. Louis Literary Award from Associates of St. Louis Libraries. 
1984  Eudora Welty New Playwrights Series established at the New Stage Theatre of Jackson. 
1984  Common Wealth Award from the Modern Language Association. 
1984  Elmer Holmes Bobst Award for Fiction for lifetime achievement in arts and letters. 
1984  The Lillian Smith Special Lifetime Achievement Award from the Southern Regional Council of Atlanta. 
1986  Grand Master Award from the Birmingham-Southern Writer's Conference. 
1986  National Medal of Arts for contributions to the nation's culture from the National Endowment for the Arts. 
1986  The Eudora Welty Library, a branch of the Jackson Metropolitan Library, dedicated. 
1987  French Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres medal. 
1987  Authors Award from the Mississippi Library Association. 
1987  Sesquicentennial Medal from Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass. 
1987  Appalachian Gold Medallion from the University of Charleston, Charleston, West Virginia. 
1988  Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Lifetime Achievement Award. 
1988  Honorary doctorate from Princeton University. 
1989  Phi Beta Kappa Associates Award. 
1989  Selected to have portrait hung in the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution by the National Portrait Gallery Commission. 

1991  The Corrington Award from the Department of English at Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana. 
1991  Peggy V. Helmerich Distinguished Author Award from the Tulsa Library Trust. 
1991  Cleanth Brooks Medal for Distinguished Achievement in Southern Letters from the Fellowship of Southern Writers. 
1991  National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. 
1991  PEN-Malamud Award for Excellence in The Short Story. 
1992  Frankel Humanities Prize from the National Endowment for the Humanities. 
1992  Distinguished Alumni Award from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. 
1993  Honorary Degree from the University of Burgundy, France. 
1994  Richard Wright Literary Prize from Copiah-Lincoln Community College, Wesson, Mississippi. 
1996  French Légion d'Honneur. 
1998  Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the Mississippi University for Women (formerly Mississippi State College for Women) in Columbus. 
1998  The Mayor's Arts Achievement Honors from the Arts Alliance of Jackson and Hinds County in Jackson, Mississippi. 
1999  Distinguished Achievement Award from the Southern Book Critics Circle

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