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News coverage validates the meaningful work being done here. It brings the perspectives of Georgia State people onto the public agenda, and it helps to build recognition of our university regionally, nationally and internationally. This compilation of news clips from the Office of Public Relations and Marketing Communications highlights some of the most prominent recent stories that focus on or include Georgia State. Some of the story links below are only accessible with a subscription. To request an electronic copy of an article, email


Will You Graduate? Ask Big Data
Timothy Renick, vice provost and vice president for enrollment management and student success, in an article spotlighting Georgia State as one of a growing number of colleges and universities using predictive analytics to spot students in danger of dropping out. Read More »


California Today: Wrestling With A Legacy Of Eugenics
Paul A. Lombardo, a law professor who has written extensively about forced sterilization, in an article about how of the 32 states that had eugenics laws, the sterilization of mentally ill patients, none used the practice as much as California. A team of researchers have created a detailed catalog of the California victims.  Read More »


Bond Market Storm Builds
Behind Wall Street’s Serene Yield Call

Rajeev Dhawan, director of the Economic Forecasting Center, in an article about the Wall Street consensus that the year ahead will have the smallest projected change in treasury yields since 2008. Read More »


Let The Emoluments Case Against Trump Go Forward
Eric Segall, professor of law, in an opinion piece about a legal team of constitutional scholars who have filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York alleging President Donald Trump is violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which prohibits the president from receiving payments and gifts from foreign countries. Segall was also quoted in an article about why eight justices would be enough for the Supreme Court. Read More »


Atlanta Rising: The Falcons
And Their Fan Base Embark On A New Era

Deirdre Oakley, professor of sociology, in an article about the Atlanta Falcons recapturing Atlanta fans as they head to the Super Bowl. Read More »


Casinos In Georgia Could Be Burden
On Local Governments, Study Says

Bruce Seaman, associate professor of economics, in an article about how casino gambling could give Georgia tax revenue a giant boost, but would also generate new public safety, infrastructure and social costs for cities and counties. Read More »


Metro-Atlanta Cop Conviction Breaks With National Norm
Dean Dabney, associate professor of criminal justice and criminology, in an article about the murder conviction and life sentence of East Point Sgt. Marcus Eberhart, signaling a legal strategy gaining favor in Georgia to put bad-behaving police officers behind bars. Read More »


Georgia Colleges Wade Through
‘Uncharted Waters’ Of Trump Order

Georgia State mentioned in an article about Georgia’s college leaders working to decipher the impact of President Donald Trump’s immigration order on their students and faculty while trying to also reassure them. Read More »


State Economist:
Georgia's Economic Outlook Positive In 2017
Kenneth Heaghney, professor of economics, in an article about how Georgia’s economy is outperforming the economy of the nation. Read More »


GSU, Geovax To Collaborate On Hepatitis B Vaccine
An article about Georgia State’s Research Foundation partnering with Smyrna, Ga.-based GeoVax Labs Inc. to develop a Hepatitis B therapeutic vaccine. Read More »


11 Ed Tech Trends To Watch In 2017
Phil Ventimiglia, Georgia State’s chief innovation officer, joined other higher education leaders in discussing technology trends to watch in 2017, including topics such as adaptive learning, open educational resources, digital literacy and how learning environments are evolving. Read More »


Researchers Say More Must Be Done
About Pollution In Atlanta

Roby Greenwald, assistant professor of environmental health, in a story about Atlanta’s air pollution and the negative effects it has on people who exercise outside. Read More »


After Rough Transition,
Obama Breaks With Tradition To Criticize Trump Policy

Daniel Franklin, associate professor of political science, in stories across the nation about how former President Barack Obama's outspokenness against Trump's executive order on immigration is different than other post-presidencies, where former presidents have been hesitant to criticize the sitting president. Read More »


Georgia State Embraces Veggies
Georgia State’s dining halls in an article about the university serving more health-conscious, plant-based menu options in 2017. Read More »


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