Dear Colleagues:

The Georgia State University Faculty Handbook serves as a source of information about University and Board of Regents' policies that relate to Georgia State University faculty members. I encourage you to review the Handbook.

Georgia State University policies in the Handbook or appendices were developed either through the offices of the various vice presidents in accordance with the authority delegated to them or by legislative action of the University Senate. The statements in the Handbook are in many instances abbreviated summaries. More complete information is available in other publications of the University.

Although efforts are made to update the Handbook in a timely manner, changes in Georgia State University's policy and the Board of Regents' policy may become effective before they are published in the Handbook. Consequently, faculty members are encouraged to read the University System publication System for notification of changes in the Board of Regents' policy. In the event that there is a conflict between the policies and procedures of Georgia State University and the Board of Regents, the latter shall take precedence.

I hope you find the Handbook useful.


Mark Becker, University President