303 Contract Types

303.01 Academic Year Contracts

The academic calendar is developed by the Admissions and Standards Committee of the University Senate and is adopted by the Senate. The University System fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30. All institutions in the University System of Georgia shall be on the semester system. The academic year shall consist of two regular semesters, each not to be less than 15 calendar weeks in length (minimum of 75 class days per semester, excluding registration and final examination periods). The institution's calendar conforms to broad guidelines issued by the Chancellor. ( BOR Policy, Section 304.01)

Academic year contracts are based on dates as established in the academic calendar. The form of the contract is stipulated by the BOR Policy, Section 803.13.

The beginning date for a standard contract, which covers fall and spring semesters, is one week before the beginning of class for fall semester. It ends on the date that grades are due for spring semester. A contract which includes summer term as one of the terms covered by the academic year contract begins one week before the beginning of summer term. It ends the day that grades are due for the last term covered by the contract. The "semester off" begins on the date that grades are due the preceding semester and ends one week prior to the beginning of classes for the next term for which the faculty member may be contracted.

The offer of employment to academic-year-contracted faculty in the term not included in the academic year contract shall be based on programmatic needs. Compensation for the term not included in the academic year contract shall be based on the rate of pay of the previous year's academic year contract ( BOR Policy, Section 803.1403).

303.02 Fiscal Year Contracts

Administrative officers of the University, deans of colleges, and certain of their associates and assistants as well as departmental chairmen are appointed for the full fiscal year. Faculty members whose work requires continuous service also may be employed on this basis.