312.02.01 Policy Recommendations on Research

Research is an investigative activity oriented toward the development of new knowledge, creative cultural and artistic expressions, or innovative scholarship.

Whereas research is one of the primary functions of Georgia State University and is necessary for support of the instructional and service programs at GSU, the Research Committee makes the following policy recommendations.

A. Elevation of the administrative position for research to a higher level in the administrative structure.

B. Allocation of a defined percent effort for research. It is recommended that faculty active in scholarship and research be assigned a minimum of 1/3 effort in the scholarship and research area. Measures should be taken to ensure that other activities do not encroach on the time assigned for research.

C. Establishment of a University Research Foundation dedicated for support of research and scholarship.

D. 1. Allocation of increased funds for graduate research assistantships.

2. Establishment of an ad hoc senate committee to define the various categories of graduate assistantships at GSU needed and to recommend funding levels.

E. Allocation of increased funds for support of faculty research during summer. Each college should expand these funds and the college faculty should establish procedures for allocation of summer research funds.

F. Increased allocation of funds for equipment, including departmental based computing equipment.

(Source: University Senate Resolution, May 21, 1987)