402 Examinations

402.01 Final Examinations

A final examination is defined as an examination to be given during the scheduled time and day after the end of classes for the term. The standard in-class final examination length is two hours. It is expected that a final examination will be given in each course as part of the requirements for the course as stated in the syllabus, unless one of the following conditions apply:

A. departmental/college policy governs final examinations for the course;

B. the academic nature of the course does not warrant a final examination in the opinion of the instructor;

C. an alternative form of examination to be completed after the end of classes for the term is being given (for example, a "take home" final examination to be completed by students off campus after the end of classes for the term).

The schedule of times and days during which such final examinations are to be given is in the online Registration Guide. Those examinations which are designated on the course syllabus as in-class final examinations must be given at the designated time during the final examination schedule unless a change is authorized prior to the examination time by the dean (or designee) of the college in which the instructor is teaching. After the Dean's Office approves the request, a dean's office representative will communicate with the Office of the Registrar for a classroom assignment.

The instructor is responsible for taking reasonable steps to ensure the integrity of the examination environment. Different approaches may be required to ensure the integrity of student assessment in different venues, as appropriate for the learning objectives.

A student shall not be required to take more than two examinations within one twenty-four hour period during the published final examination period. More than two examinations within twenty-four hours are hereafter referred to as "clustered examinations."

A student is considered to have an inappropriate clustering of final examinations when more than two examinations fall within twenty-four hours (e.g., examinations at 8:30 am, 11:30 am, and 6:00 pm on the same day, or examinations at 6:00 pm on one day, and at 8:30 am and 2:30 pm on the following day); the student is not considered to have an inappropriate clustering of examinations if the third examination in sequence begins at the same time on the subsequent day as the first examination (e.g., 6:00 pm on one day, and 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm on the following day.)

Students who have three or more clustered examinations may request of one professor that the examination be re-scheduled according to the following procedure:

If a final examination was re-scheduled and thereby created a "cluster," the instructor of the re-scheduled examination will provide a special administration for the adversely affected student.

If one or more of the clustered examinations is a "common examination" with an established conflict resolution time, the student will request to resolve the conflict by taking one of the common examinations in the conflict resolution time. If two or three of the examinations are "common examinations" the student may request which "common examination" is to be re-scheduled.

If one of the clustered examinations is not a common examination or the result of re-scheduling, the student will request to re-schedule the examination/s scheduled as the middle examination/s. Except in extraordinary circumstances, the instructor is expected to cooperate.

If the student is unable to arrange for one of the examinations to be re-scheduled, the student is to request assistance from the Office of the Dean of his/her college. The student's dean (or designee) in consultation with the dean/s (or designee/s) of the courses involved will designate the examination to be re-scheduled.

Once a student has taken an examination, he or she cannot request a re-examination on the basis of this policy.

402.02 Regents' Examination

All undergraduate students at Georgia State University must take and pass an examination of reading and writing skills perscribed by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Each institution of the University System of Georgia shall assure the other institutions, and the system as a whole, that students obtaining a degree from that institution possess certain minimum skills of reading and writing. A complete policy statement regarding the Regents' Examination can be found in the current general Catalog. Students may obtain additional information concerning the Regents' Examination from the Student Advisement Center Office.

402.03 Legislative Requirements

A 1953 act of the Georgia Legislature established the requirements that any person receiving a degree from a state-supported institution of higher learning successfully complete coursework or pass examinations in the histories of the United States and Georgia and the constitutions of the United States and Georgia (BOR Policy, Section 303.04).

Students may obtain additional information concerning the legislative requirement from the Office of Academic Assistance of their academic college, the Learning Assistance Unit of the Counseling Center, or through the Office of the Registrar.