406 Policy on Courses Listed in University Catalogs

Course listings in the University catalogs shall clearly and concisely describe course content, state any prerequisites, list the number of laboratory hours (if any), and indicate the number of hours credit. Course descriptions should be brief but should include the basic information necessary for students to make informed selections of courses. Courses shall be listed in the catalogs only if the department/college/division expects to offer them within the next three years. Courses not taught in the previous three years shall be reviewed automatically by means of normal college procedures, and such courses shall be dropped from the catalogs unless adequate justifications for retaining them are received from the department/college/division. Courses previously dropped from the catalogs may be reinstated only if adequate justifications for doing so are provided to the College curriculum committee.


A. Course listings constitute the basis for the selection of courses by many students, and although these listings must be brief, they should provide students with basic information about the courses.

B. Courses should be included in the catalogs only if it is reasonable for a student to expect that courses listed will be taught sometime within the following three years.

C. Without a systematic and periodic review of the course listings, courses which have not been taught for a reasonable period of time may remain in the University catalogs indefinitely. Continuing to list such courses is misleading to students.

D. Colleges can develop procedures for reviewing course listings for courses which have not been taught and for considering the reinstatement of those which have previously been dropped from the catalogs.

E. Courses which have been dropped from the catalog may subsequently be taught if provisions for doing so are included in college procedures.

(Source: University Senate, May 4, 1989)