408 Assignment and Use of Facilities

408.01 Assignment of Instructional Facility

A. Classrooms are assigned to a class, not a professor. If a faculty member's teaching assignment is changed, the professor is reassigned to another class with a designated room. The classes must be taught in the classroom to which they were assigned. If a classroom is unsatisfactory, a request to change the assignment should be made through the departmental chairman. The Dean's Office will consider the need for an adjustment very carefully before requesting a change from the Office of the Registrar.

B. Classroom chairs and/or tables should not be moved from one room to another by students or faculty. The classrooms are set up with maximum seating for specific types of classes and cannot be changed without adversely affecting other classes scheduled in the room.

C. Special class requirements (such as a room with tables, projection screen, etc.) should be noted on the original schedule from the Dean's Office in order that they may be given consideration.

D. Factors to be considered in setting class sizes are the course learning objectives, the level and kind of the expected student-instructor interactions, the assignment of personnel support such as graduate teaching assistants, the availability of instructional support systems and services, facility-related constraints, and workload balancing.