411 University Safety/Emergency Procedures

411.01 Discovery or Suspicion of Fire

A person should:

A. Immediately call University Police (Ext. 3-3333):

identify him/herself;

identify building and room number;

identify telephone number from which the individual is calling; and

stay on the line until Police have all requested information.

B. Sound the nearest building evacuation alarm by red pulling stations in corridors near all exits.

C. Take prompt emergency measures, if practical and safe to do so, to confine the fire using available personnel. If fire is large or out of control or the situation is no longer safe, abandon all fighting attempts and immediately evacuate the building.

411.02 Building Evacuation Alarm

When a building evacuation alarm sounds and/or flashes, a person should:

A. Assume there is a fire.

B. Close all windows and doors in the area, if possible; assist physically impaired personnel to the designated area of refuge or if the situation warrants and you have the capability, assist physically impaired personnel down the stairs. If you assist in moving a physically disabled person to an area of refugee, immediately report their name, disposition, and location to a responding official.

C. Leave the building by means of the nearest stairwell and exit as quickly and quietly as possible;

do not use elevators;

follow lighted exit signs;

before opening any closed doors en route, feel them for heat, to prevent suddenly entering a fire area; and

upon encountering smoke, remain as low to the floor as possible.

D. Report to the GSU Police or public agency responding orricials as to the locations of physically impaired personnel.

E. Re-enter the building only when the University Police or the respective public agency allow it.

For more detailed information regarding fire related evaluations, see the University Emergency Operations Plan.