503 Vacation/Annual Leave

Faculty members on academic year contracts do not accrue vacation/annual leave time.

Faculty members working on a fiscal-year (12-month) basis accrue 21 working days of vacation time a year (1.75 days per month). The scheduling of such time must be coordinated with the department head or other appropriate administrator. Faculty members on fiscal year appointments of less-than-full-time accrue annual leave in proportion to their fulltime equivalency. Vacation/annual leave may be accrued up to a maximum of 45 days (360 hours). On December 31st leave records are adjusted to reflect no more than 45 days of annual leave.

Faculty in positions funded by grants, sponsored projects, or other non-state sources must utilize any such accrued time within the funded period for their position. The employee should furnish to the budget unit head a written statement of understanding that vacation/annual leave time must be taken prior to the end of the contract or grant period or it will be forfeited. A statement to that effect is signed at the time of initial employment with the University.

Faculty members converting from a fiscal year appointment to an academic year appointment shall be paid out their accrued vacation time, subject to the forty-five (45) day maximum payment restriction, at the time of conversion. (BOR Policy, Section 803.16)

Faculty members on fiscal year appointments shall be paid for accumulated annual time (not to exceed 45 days) at the time of termination of employment from the University.

Annual leave time should be reported as it is taken. The "Report of Absence" form must be completed and forwarded by the individual's department to Human Resources Services. Failure to report annual leave use may result in inaccurate records and could result in overpayment that may be inconsistent with State law. Report of Absence Forms are available from Human Resources Services.