507 Emergency Procedures

Georgia State University is committeed to providing a safe and secure environment by preparing the university to manage and recover from any type of emergency or disaster.

The Office of Emergency Management specializes in program development by creating, revising, and maintaining university-wide policy and plans related to emergency operations, essential communications, training, fire safety, and strategic securingy initiatives. Go to www.gsu.edu/oem to learn about emergency preparedness, response, and recovery.


Each university building has an established Emergency Operations Plan and assigned coordinators to assist in emergency response. Each building has evacuation routes posted in common areas. All employees should become familiar with the evacuation routes for all buildings and floors, the locations of fire extinguishers, hoses, and alarms. In the event of a fire or evacuation, every employee should follow the fire safety evacuation route and evacuate the premises until the officials in charge declare the premises safe to enter. Exits and areas around fire extinguishers must be kept clear at all times. Periodic fire safety inspections and drills are held to test equipment and procedures. For questions about fire safety, contact the University Fire Safety Officer, Office of Emergency Management.

For a copy of a building specific Emergency Operations Plan or for more information, please contact the Office of Emergency Management at 404-413-0776 or eoc@gsu.edu

Medical Emergency

IN THE EVENT OF A MEDICAL EMERGENCY, CALL 9-911 (from a University Avaya phone) FOR AN AMBULANCE. THEN CALL 3-3333 TO REPORT TO THE GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY POLICE. If calling on a private line, dial 404-413-3333.

For all other emergencies, call the University Police directly at 3-3333.


The University Police provide a variety of services to the University community including assistance to stranded motorists, safety escorts, and crime prevention programs. Call Boxes linked directly to the University Police Department are located throughout the campus in the event of an emergency situation. The Police phone number to contact in the event of an emergency is 3-3333.