601 Faculty Compensation

601.01 Compensation Rates

Contracts of teaching faculty are normally for the academic year of two terms (see Section 304). Faculty are paid on a ten month schedule (from August to May) and receive 1/10 of their annual contracted salary (or 1/5 of their semester salary). They are paid on the last working day of the month except for December and May which are paid on the grades due date. A schedule of academic year faculty pay dates is provided as a part of each faculty employment contract.

Administrative officers of the University, deans of the colleges, and certain of their associates and assistants as well as departmental heads are appointed for the full fiscal year. Faculty members whose work requires continuous service may also be employed on this basis. Payment of compensation is made in equal installments throughout the fiscal year as specified in the contract. Paychecks are distributed on the last business day of each month.

601.02 Payroll Deductions

Payroll deductions include federal Social Security tax, Medicare tax, federal and State of Georgia withholding taxes, voluntary disability insurance premiums, voluntary group life and medical insurance premiums, mandatory retirement payments, and special amounts which the faculty member may designate to be withheld for deferred income arrangements, Credit Union savings and loan payments, parking, voluntary charitable contributions, savings bonds, contributions to the GSU Foundation, Alumni Association and Athletic Association, and AAUP dues.

601.03 Compensation for Summer (or other non-contracted) Term for Faculty on Academic Year Contracts

A faculty member on an academic year contract may receive additional remuneration in accordance with his/her salary level, for duties performed during the term not covered by the standard contract. Such compensation is usually at the rate of 10% of the faculty member's annual salary for each three-semester-hour course taught, or the equivalent thereof in administrative duties or research to a maximum of 30% of annual salary.

601.04 Gratuities

An employee of the University System shall not accept gratuities, courtesies, or gifts in any form whatsoever from any person or persons, corporations, or associations that, directly or indirectly, may seek to use the connections thus formed for securing favorable comment or consideration on any commercial commodity, process, or undertaking ( BOR Policy, Section 802.14).

601.05 Extra Compensation

Board of Regents' Policy permits the payment of extra compensation to faculty and professional staff members who participate in approved continuing education/public service activities only if all the following conditions are met:

A. the work is carried in addition to a normal full load;

B. no qualified person is available to carry the work as part of his/her normal load;

C. the work produces sufficient income to be self-supporting; and

D. the additional duties do not interfere with the performance of regular duties.

At Georgia State University the maximum hourly rate for extra compensation for each faculty rank is determined by a formula based on average salary for that rank and the usual faculty workload as defined by the Board of Regents. The rates are revised annually with new rates taking effect on July 1 each year. Faculty members may be paid for actual instruction, for preparation of special academic materials, and for serving as academic directors of programs. The rate for instruction includes payment for three hours of preparation for each hour of instruction. A faculty member may not be paid for more than 150 hours of extra compensation in a single fiscal year. Approval for extra compensation must be obtained in advance of the actual work. Forms for this purpose may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources. (Office of the Provost, June 29, 1982; BOR Policy, Section 803.1404).