604 Financial and Business Services for Faculty

604.01 Automatic Payroll Deposit

Faculty paid on a monthly basis have available to them an automatic payroll deposit service. Additional information can be obtained from the Personnel Services Department.

604.02 Faculty Mail Service

Mail boxes are issued upon request to any full-time (contract) faculty member and to University departments, offices, or projects as needed. Mail boxes are to be used for the receipt of official University mail only and should not be used for personal mail.

Faculty are cautioned that mail boxes should not be referred to as "post office boxes." Only the U.S. Postal Service operates "post office box" services.

A.. Self-Service Post Office

A U.S. Postal Service Self-Service Postage Unit is located in Kell Hall and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This unit is coin-operated with a bill and coin change machine available on site. The unit dispenses domestic and international postage stamps and other postage items. Letter scales, parcel post scales, and postage rate charts are available at the unit.

B. University Mailing Address

The correct mailing address for the University is:

Georgia State University

University Plaza

Atlanta, Georgia 30303-9983

This official address should always be preceded by a recognized position title, name and box number (or department), and college designation or office. When a mail box has been issued to any individual, department, or office, the box number should always be used as a part of the return address. The use of streets, numbers, and building names is discouraged since this only delays the sorting and distribution of mail, and can cause delays in the receipt of University mail from the U.S. Postal Service.

A unique 9-digit ZIP Code has been established for individual box holders and for each University department or office. This 9-digit ZIP should be used as a part of the return address on all outgoing University mail. To ascertain the correct 9-digit ZIP code for a specific department, faculty should contact the departmental office, or call the Postal Supervisor.

604.03 U.S. Postal Service

A United States Post Office is available on campus. It provides service for registered mail, international parcels (customs declaration merchandise), money orders, and other services generally available at a U.S. post office.

604.04 Automated Bank Tellers

Auxiliary Services coordinates the operation of the automated bank tellers located at several locations on campus. For assistance, contact Auxiliary Services.

604.05 Telecommunications

All telephone charges are the responsibility of departments or units. When faculty have problems with telephone service they should notify the appropriate departmental personnel. All requests for changes in service must be channeled through the department or unit.

The Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), State of Georgia, has stated, "The use of all state telephone services must be limited to official state business only." This statement covers all services including the GIST network. GIST is a state administered long distance system available to University employees.

It is state law that only job-related long distance calls are to be made from institutional telecommunications equipment. This limitation includes calls made on the state long-distance network known as GIST (Georgia Code annotated section S-16-8-5). Further, it also the policy of Georgia State University to use GIST lines for making all business-related long distance calls whenever possible and to make telephone credit calls only when GIST access is not available.