605 Auxiliary Services

By policy of the Board of Regents, the Auxiliary Services of Georgia State University are operated as business enterprises. These departments must be self-supporting; they do not receive state funding. The Auxiliary Services are a part of the organization of the Vice President for Finance and Administration. They include the following departments: bookstore, parking, food services (cafeterias, catering, vending), coin-operated photocopy service (in the Library), and cap and gown rental.

605.01 Bookstore

A. Location: The bookstore is on the third floor of the University Center across from the cafeteria. Textbooks as well as paper supplies, supplemental reading, popular fiction, and miscellaneous items are available .

B. Book Ordering: Textbooks can now be ordered online. Go to the Auxiliary Services website for more information.

C. Desk Copies: Professors should request desk copies directly from the publisher. However, until these courtesy copies arrive from the publisher, the Bookstore can lend desk copies to faculty members. These copies must be returned to the Bookstore in new condition within 60 days. Faculty members will be billed for unreturned desk copies. Part-time instructors and graduate teaching assistants must return desk copies before the end of each quarter. Failure to return a borrowed book will result in paychecks being withheld.

D. Discount Policy: The Bookstore grants a 10 percent discount on purchases of $1.00 or more to faculty and staff of the University with proper identification, at the time of purchase. Discounts are not offered on sale merchandise.

605.02 Food Service and Cafeterias

Several eating facilities are available to faculty, staff, and students throughout the campus.

605.03 Parking

On-campus parking is coordinated through the Parking Office. Faculty may arrange for parking on a daily or a per semester basis.

The University makes every effort to provide protection to vehicles parked on campus but cannot assume the responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property.

605.03.01 Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration for Parking Privilege

Faculty/Staff parking permits for vehicles (including motorcycles) are issued initially at the time of employment, thereafter at the beginning of each Fall Semester. Notices for registration dates are sent through campus mail.

In order to register a vehicle, a Georgia State University identification card along with vehicle license tag numbers are required.

The Parking Office will provide the employee with a hangtag which should be hung from the mirror to insure that attendants can clearly view the tag. Parking permits and hangtags are not transferable between persons.

605.03.02 Fees

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to pay their parking fees through payroll deduction. If a cash option of payment is preferred, the entire fee for the period must be paid at the time of registration. Proposals for increasing parking rates are reviewed by the Faculty Affairs Committee (University Senate Resolution, February 28, 1991).

605.03.03 Refunds

Persons who have purchased a parking permit and decide they no longer wish to park on campus may request a refund from the Parking Office provided they return the permit. Refunds authorized by the Parking Office are distributed by the Business Office of the University.

605.03.04 Replacement of Hangtag

When a vehicle is traded or sold, the registrant is responsible for retaining the parking hangtag and notifying Auxiliary Services of the change. If a hangtag is lost or stolen, a $25.00 replacement fee will be charged.

605.03.05 Towing

Vehicles parked without GSU permit run the risk of being towed. Efforts will be made to notify the owners of the vehicles parked without authorization before towing occurs.

605.03.06 Permits for the Mobility Impaired

Medical and disability permits authorizing special parking privileges may be issued to employees or students having permanent or temporary mobility impairments. Please contact the Parking Office or the Office of Disability Services for further information.

605.03.07 Visitors

Visitors to the campus should use the short-term parking meters located on Gilmer Street, adjacent to Sparks Hall. Parking arrangements for meetings or other functions which involve off-campus guests must be made through the Parking Office. The University cannot guarantee on-campus parking.

605.04 Photocopy Service

Numerous self-operated photocopy machines are located in the Pullen Library North (1st, 2nd, 3rd floor) and the upper and lower Law Library Copy Rooms (1st floor). In addition, copiers are available in the college of Education (2nd floor) and Library South (2nd floor).

605.05 Cap and Gown Service

Auxiliary Services coordinates the ordering and distribution of caps and gowns for each graduation. Faculty members in need of a cap and gown for graduation ceremonies should call Auxiliary Services for assistance.