Introduction to Section 301 Archived - 13 January 1997

The regulations governing employment at Georgia State University prohibit discrimination in employment including hiring, upgrading salaries, fringe benefits, training, and other conditions of employment on the basis of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, or disability.

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs appoints a Committee for Affirmative Action with representation from a cross-section of job categories and interest groups on campus. The purposes of the Committee are:

1. to advise the Director and Coordinators on courses of action;

2. to assure that the Program is sensitive and attuned to problems and issues in the Affirmative Action/Title IX 503, 504 areas by providing feedback from the employee group and students; and

3. to provide support and assistance to the Director and Coordinators, either as individuals or as a committee of the whole upon call in the program development, dissemination of program information, implementation of program, or other functions implicit in program operations.

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