Section 301.03 Archived - 13 January 1997


It is the policy of Georgia State University to provide equal opportunity and accommodation for all handicapped students and/or employees.

In an effort to insure that handicapped individuals encounter as little difficulty as possible in gaining physical access to the buildings, offices, and rooms located on campus, the University has instituted a long-range program to insure that all buildings have ramps, elevators, and toilets which are accessible to the handicapped. Additionally, all offices, rooms, and elevator control panels have numbers listed in Braille. This program of insuring physical accessibility is being conducted under "The Transition Plan of the Advisory Committee for the Handicapped."

Georgia State University provides the following services for all handicapped individuals:

a. special orientation for students and/or employees;

b. counseling and testing services;

c. wheelchairs for use on campus for the mobility impaired--on an emergency basis;

d. reserved parking spaces;

e. reader services for the visually impaired;

f. assistance in securing the services of interpreters for individuals with hearing impairments;

g. assistance in registering for classes;

h. assistance from Safety and Security Personnel;

I. special assistance from Health Services; and

j. assistance in securing housing.

A more complete listing of services for handicapped students is provided in A Faculty Guide to Handicapped Students.

All of the programs and organizations of Georgia State University are open for the participation of all individuals enrolled in the University as students and/or employees.

With respect to employment, it is the policy of the University to insure that all handicapped individuals who are otherwise qualified for any position at Georgia State University are provided equal opportunity in being considered for such positions.

The Advisory Committee for the Handicapped, the Office of the Dean of Students, and the Affirmative Action Office are charged with insuring that this policy is updated annually and effectively implemented.

This policy conforms to Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Source: Affirmative Action Office

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