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2. Cumulative Review and Development for Tenured Faculty

All units will conduct a cumulative review of a tenured faculty member. This review will be conducted either by the elected Promotion and Tenure Committee of the College/Unit or by an independently elected committee consisting of at least three tenured faculty. In case of the latter, the composition of the committee and procedures for its election will be determined by the faculty for each college or unit. This review should begin five years after the most recent promotion and continue at five year intervals unless interrupted by a further promotion or impending candidacy for promotion within a year. This cumulative review should address accomplishments in teaching, advising and serving students, in research/scholarly/creative activity, and in service. It will be based on available information; e.g., annual reports, student and peer evaluations of teaching, curriculum vita, publications, etc., a candidate should not be expected to prepare additional materials solely for the purpose of the cumulative review. Such review provides an opportunity to assess faculty development goals and achievements and provides assistance to faculty in ensuring continuous intellectual and professional growth. The cumulative review is distinguished from an annual review in that the former requires faculty and administrators to assess achievements and goals over a longer term, potentially at differing levels (e.g., multi-year projects, research, scholarship) and can facilitate longer term growth and development. Such review might also be connected to determining eligibility to serve as a member of a college's graduate faculty. Guidelines for this review shall be specified in each unit.

A cumulative review should be reviewed and commented on by the department chair, by the Dean and the Provost. Faculty must receive a written report as to the results of this review. Nothing in these guidelines alters the existing rules dealing with tenure termination.

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