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Web Project Teams

Summer 1995: 

Clockwise from upper left: 

Toicha Vincent, Kyra Miller, Rachel Kravitz, Melissa Jacobs, Missy Moosbrugger, Diana Clay, Dana Fronk, Ken Koontz, Anisa Davis, Adam Freeman 

Winter 1996: 

Clockwise from upper left:  

Bill Jackson, Chris Frank, Robin Tanner, Graham Hogan, Kathy Easterwood, Crystal Minton, Casey Hamburg, Heather Potter, Laney Hixon

Winter 1997:  

Clockwise from upper left:  

John Godwin, Bob Deutz, Clint Sibbitt, Claudia Meyer, Jennifer Griffin, Sam Callan, Becky Evon, Liz Kunkel, Gordon Kepler 

Summer 1997: 

Clockwise from upper left:  

Matt Palm, Kirsten Atchley, Leslie Juliano, Jeff Witkowski, Debbie Kenny, Libby Fulks, Katherine Watson, Kerry Syed, Jennifer Mayers, Andrew Simmons 

Winter 1998:  

Left to right: 

Dhana Blissett, Betsy Noell, Charolette Hagan, Christopher Bazan, Olivia Thomas, Vicki Malzewski, Eric Arnold, Marcia Toye

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Spring 1999: 

Left to right: 

Rob Skinner, Will O'Brien, Jen Ross, Tracy Walters, Jada Muhammad, Lee McGlashan, Tracy Darmstadt, Stephanie Hinz, Michael Rodgers, Julie Raistrick, Roddy O'Connor, Larry Peters, Nanami King, Greg Fontaine, Marcus Phillips

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The Exercise and Physical Fitness Web Page is an ongoing project by graduate students in the Master of Science program in Exercise Science in the Department of Kinesiology and Health at Georgia State University. This project was created by J. Andrew Doyle, PhD, and was last modified on: March 25, 1999.