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Maintenance Training


If strength is not maintained during the competitive phase the athlete will be exposed to a detraining effect, with all its negative elements;
  1. Muscle fibers decrease in their pre-training size.
  2. In two weeks time, detraining can become evident, skills requiring strength are not performed as proficiently.
  3. Decrease of motor recruitment pattern and the loss of power. The body fails to recruit the same number of motor units that it once could. Thus their is a net decrease in the amount of force that can be generated.
  4. Decreases in speed followed by decreases of power.
The main objective of strength training for this phase is to maintain the standards achieved during the previous phases. The key to this phase is providing enough intensity during the workouts to maintain or stimulate a training effect throughout the season without interfering with skill development. This program will be more intense than the fall program for several reasons:
  1. No games are played
  2. The length of time is a great deal shorter
  3. We will lift on non-practice days


Day One:

Day Two:

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