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Here are a few pointers as you write our lawmakers:

  • Be Brief. State your position in the first 2 sentences! Be brief and to the point. Include 1 or 2 compelling arguments. (Write again to make additional points.)

  • Have a Clear, Specific Message. Please restore the $1.6 million funding for the Elementary School Foreign Languages model program is our core message.

  • Personalize Your Letters. A form letter can help you start, but please personalize your letter. Thoughtful, courteous letters are more effective.

  • E-Mail Has Limitations. Please include your name, home address and phone number. Sometimes legislators do call!

  • Be Timely. Write early. Your letters are more effective before they form an opinion.

  • Be Courteous. Rude comments are less effective. One can be firm while being courteous.

  • Follow-up. If their response is vague, ask for clarification. Send a thank you; they're appreciated.

  • Utilize Letters-to-the-Editor and Op/Eds. If you get a letter-to-the-editor or an opinion editorial published, send a copy of it with your letter. It will show that you're interested, have credibility, and have influence.

Adapted from the The National Center for Public Policy Research website

Please take a few moments to make your voices heard.

Thanks for all that you do for world language learning!

Linda Steindorf

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