Student Email Information

To find out your student email address, follow these simple steps:

  1. go to <>;
  2. click on "Getting Started";
  3. click on "Get your Network Account Login Information here";
  4. enter your ssn and your GoSolar pin number, then click on "Get Login information";
  5. write down your username, password, and email address.

To access your email messages for your student email address:

  1. go to <>;
  2. write your username (first part of your email) and your password, then click "Login."

To change your password:

  1. log on following the two steps above;
  2. click on the "options" icon located at the top of the page ;
  3. type your old and new password, then click on the "save" icon located at the bottom of the page;
  4. click on the "close" icon.

Advantages to using your student email address:

  1. In the near future, the University will communicate with the students solely through the university's email system. In order to receive important information and reminders, you will need to access your student email account (see below).
  2. The system has efficient built-in virus scanning and spam filtering softwares.
  3. Privacy and professionalism: your email address is associated with the university, which does not sell your email, and you do not have to share your personal email address with your students.
  4. Ease: If you and your students use your student email address, all of your students will be able to receive the messages you send through GoSolar's "email entire class."
  5. You can access your student email anywhere and anytime.

Using Profile Manager:
Profile Manager is designed to allow you, as a Georgia State employee, to manage your electronic profile. This profile contains identifying information that enables you to gain access to certain university applications and electronic resources.

A key part of your electronic profile is your CampusID which, in addition to identifying you for certain applications, is used to form your official email address (i.e. This address will be published in the Campus Directory and will be used by the university to send you important information.

To activate your official email address and list it in the Campus Directory, you must designate a target email in-box where email sent to that address should be delivered. Additionally, if you have not previously had an or email address, you will have the opportunity to change your assigned CampusID in order to form the official email address of your choice.

Designating your Target In-Box:

  1. go to <>;
  2. click on " Use Profile Manager";
  3. you will be asked to login with your CampusID andprovide a password. Your CampusID is your username (first part of your student email--most likely the first letter of your first name followed by your last name and a number). The password required to access your Profile Manager is not the same as your email password. To find out what is your password, you need to contact the Help Center at 404-651-4507 or
  4. after you log on, click on "Designate Target In-Box";
  5. in the new target in-box, type your student email address;
  6. type on the button "Change Target In-Box."