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Mary F. Radford, J.D.

Professor, Law

Phone: 404.413.9188
In Person: 452 Urban Life

J.D., Emory University
B.A., Tulane University

Books, Book Chapters, & Monographs:

Radford, M. Redfearn: Wills and Administration In Georgia (6th ed.), 2 Vols. (The Harrison Company): (Supplements, 2001, 2002).

Radford, M. Affirmative Action in American Employment Law: Past, Present & Future. Chapter 12 in Agocs, Carol, Ed., Workplace Equality: An International Perspective On Legislation, Policy And Practice. (Kluwer Law International). Earlier version entitled The Affirmative Action Debate published In Kaufman, Bruce, Ed., 1997 Industrial Relations Research Association 50th Anniversary Volume.

Radford, M. Brown’s Georgia Pleading, Practice And Legal Forms-Annotated, 10 (Title 53: Wills, Trusts And Administration Of Estates) (Harrison Co.: Revision).


Radford, M. Wills, Trusts and Administration of Estates (2001-2002 Developments), 54 Mercer Law Review 583 (Fall).

Radford, M. Is the use of mediation appropriate in adult guardianship cases? 31 Stetson Law Review 611 (Spring).

Radford, M. Wills, trusts and administration of estates (2000-2001 Developments), 53 Mercer Law Review 499 (Fall).

Radford, M. the inheritance rights of women under Jewish and Islamic law. 23 Boston College International and Comparative Law Journal 135 (Spring).

Radford, M. An introduction to the uses of mediation and other forms of dispute resolution in probate, trust, & guardianship matters. 34 ABA Real Property, Probate & Trust Journal 601 (Winter).

Radford, M. Wills, trusts and administration of estates (1999-2000 Developments), 52 Mercer Law Review 481 (Fall).

Radford, M. Wills, trusts and administration of estates (1998-99 Developments), 51 Mercer Law Review 527 (Fall).

Radford, M. Georgia’s new probate code, 13 Georgia State University Law Review 605 (April) (with F. Skip Sugarman).

Radford, M. By invitation only: The burden of proving welcomeness in sexual harassment cases. 72 North Carolina Law Review 499 (March).

Radford, M. The case against the Georgia mortmain statute, 8 Georgia State University Law Review 313 (April).

Radford, M. Implied exceptions to the Erisa prohibitions against the forfeiture and alienation of retirement plan interests, Utah Law Review 685.

Radford, M. sex stereotyping and the promotion of women to positions of power, 41 The Hastings Law Journal 471 (March).