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Li Volunteers at Senior Week

Li Volunteers at Senior Week
March 13, 2007

Senior Week, which is sponsored every year by the Georgia Council on Aging (GCOA), provides a forum for senior representatives to discuss issues of particular importance to the older population. This year's event was held February 26 - March 1, 2007, at the Georgia State Capitol. Zhiqing (Agnes) Li, a second year master's student at the Gerontology Institute volunteered with the GCOA during the event. Over 600 senior adults attended and advocated with their legislators. For more information about GCOA click on our Links page.

Plan Ahead for 2008
Senior Week 2008 is scheduled for February 26- 28. Students who are interested in volunteering for next year's event can contact Mr. Eric Ryan at GCOA at 404 657 5344.