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GSU Gerontology Institute Participates in AARP National Caregiver Research


Ahead of the Curve: Emerging Trends and Practices in Family Caregiver Support, a 2006 report based on research done partly by faculty and students of the GSU Gerontology Institute, has been published by the AARP Public Policy Institute. The report focuses on three "cutting edge" trends in supporting family caregivers: Assessment of caregivers' own needs, consumer direction in family support services, and collaborations on caregiving between the aging network and health care providers. Click here to read full report.

The report draws on data collected from an earlier 50-state survey of 150 publicly funded programs. Georgia is one of eight states highlighted in the report. It provides policy makers, program administrators and advocates for the elderly with an overview of emerging trends, describes state approaches and practices, and identifies key factors fundamental to successful adoption of these strategies.

Molly Perkins, research assistant professor at the Gerontology Institute, was the principal investigator of the study conducted in Georgia. Mary Ball, associate professor and Director of Research of the Institute, was the co-investigator. This study, which was contracted through the Georgia Division of Aging Services, evaluated a state consumer-directed care demonstration project that provided services to non medicaid older adults in rural areas of the state. Graduate research assistants, Michael Lepore, Keisha Jackson, and Ramani Sambhara assisted with data collection.