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King to Head Diabetes Intervention Project with AETNA Foundation

The Gerontology Institute has received a $48,000 Regional Community Health Grant from the AETNA Foundation for a one year intervention research study of a health education model for African American elders with Type II diabetes and their families. This is the Institute's first effort as part of the new GSU Urban Health Partnership.

Led by principal investigator, Dr. Sharon King, the Institute will work in conjunction with the Grady Memorial Hospital Diabetes Clinic and the Grady Gold Senior Services Program, the GSU Institute of Public Health, and the Clark Atlanta University Whitney M. Young, Jr. School of Social Work.

The objectives of the project are: 1) to raise awareness among multigenerational African American families about the importance of nutrition in diabetes management, 2) to empower grandparents with Type II diabetes to serve as positive health role models for their families, 3) to track multigenerational African American families' eating habits for one week, 4) to have grandparents with diabetes conduct daily glucose level self tests during the one week nutrition tracking period, 5) to conduct an HbA1c glucose level test 3 months following the trainings, and 6) to make recommendations to diabetes health care providers for a family systems approach to diabetes management.